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Thomas Kansy


Leads our work on carbon markets globally; helps corporations decarbonize and investors find value within the climate ecosystem, as well as launch and scale businesses

Thomas is a partner with our London office and leads our global work on carbon markets. He helps clients achieve ambitious net-zero strategies, invest, and grow along the carbon and climate-technology value chain.

Thomas also coleads our knowledge partnership on the Inevitable Policy Response, a climate-transition forecasting consortium that prepares investors for risks and opportunities associated with an acceleration of policy responses to climate change.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • setting climate commitments and designing the roadmap to achieve these for an asset owner
  • creating and embedding a long-term climate strategy for a bank
  • helping with the strategy of a climate-focused fund and carrying out commercial due diligences
  • estimating the potential impacts of a new carbon market
  • sharpening and validating the value proposition of a climate start-up

Thomas has published extensively about carbon markets, most recently on the interactions between market stability measures in linked carbon markets and on the use of carbon revenues.

Published Work

Interactions between market stability measures in linked carbon markets,” Vivid Economics, January 2020

Using carbon revenues,” World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness, Vivid Economics, August 2019

Giving credit where credit is due: how to attribute mitigation outcomes from blended climate finance and carbon financing,” Carbon Mechanism Review, October 2019

Carbon Mechanisms Review: Economic impacts of carbon pricing in Ukraine,” Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz (BMWK), October 2019

The potential for climate auctions as a mechanism for NDC implementation,” Vivid Economics, World Bank Group, January 2018

Past Experience

Vivid Economics, a McKinsey Company


Maastricht University
BS, MS, economics