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Bringing the best of our global firm

We combine McKinsey’s global expertise with deep local insights to help our clients accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth.
Our Client Capabilities Network combines McKinsey’s expertise, data, and assets with cutting-edge competencies and skills to help the firm’s consulting teams and clients create transformative, lasting change. These capabilities are developed and delivered by the talent and data-, asset-, and tech-enabled infrastructure within our network. Our professionals are based in our hubs around the globe, including the United States, Belgium, China, Costa Rica, Germany, India, and Poland. They deliver an increasingly sophisticated portfolio of client services:

Deep and broad expertise

Our client capabilities experts cover all of McKinsey’s global industries, core business disciplines, and geographies. We have in-depth understanding of these industries, functions, and geographies and continuously strengthen our expertise by working with many leading companies in each sector, business function, and region. Where relevant, we bring in the right global external partners with market-leading software and data sets. Our clients and consulting teams rely on the Client Capabilities Network to identify and help them respond to and be ahead of market dynamics, emerging trends, advances in technology, and other critical forces that shape an industry.

Specialized competencies and skills

Our professionals help and enable our consulting teams to provide clients with well-founded and analysis-backed recommendations addressing complex business problems across industries and functions. This includes in-depth primary and secondary research, modeling, and data analyses involving advanced statistics, econometric modeling, and optimization. In addition, some of our professionals can support consulting teams in the areas of simulation, database management, programming, and prototyping while leveraging advanced tools (e.g., SAS, R) and techniques (e.g., cluster analysis, Monte Carlo simulations) to derive insights from raw data. Our client capabilities professionals offer personal perspectives rooted in their expertise and experience. They have access to one of the world’s most robust portfolios of external information and data sources.

Asset-backed, rapid analyses

Our Client Capabilities Network teams often develop and deploy proprietary McKinsey models and benchmarking databases to quantify a client’s position relative to competitors. For example, the network’s purchasing and supply management team works with consulting teams to analyze a client’s spending data, conduct interviews, and identify opportunities for potential savings via more effective purchasing processes. Our asset-backed capabilities are prebuilt and frequently refreshed to guarantee agile and rapid client-ready insights. The biggest value results from pairing the analyses’ output with the industry-, function- and geographic-specific expertise of our professionals.

Innovation for Change that Matters

We invest heavily in the development and dissemination of knowledge and capabilities related to our clients’ complex challenges and opportunities. Our Client Capabilities Network is a home and hotbed for McKinsey’s intellectual property. It plays a core role in shaping the firm’s innovation pipeline, building new knowledge and capabilities as well as refreshing, maintaining, curating, and sharing these.

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