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Our Work in Australia & New Zealand

Bringing the best of our global firm

We combine McKinsey’s global expertise with deep local insights to help our clients create Change that Matters.

With over 50 years of experience in Australia and New Zealand, our work here spans multiple sectors of these economies, including the public sector.

At McKinsey we nurture a culture of innovation—in developing our service models to meet our clients’ evolving needs. This has led to new expertise that bridges our tradition in strategy with sustainable execution, such as RTS, McKinsey Digital and McKinsey Analytics. The Australian and New Zealand office has played a leading role in this, pioneering McKinsey Implementation—a specialised group with broad operations experience who work directly at client sites to build the capabilities and systems needed for lasting impact.

Featured Practices

Quantum Black

We’re delighted to announce the acquisition of QuantumBlack, a London-based company with roots in Formula 1 motor racing... that is pioneering the use of big data and advanced analytics to improve organizational performance.

McKinsey Digital 

Learn how we help our clients create value by reinventing their core business.

McKinsey Recovery & Transformation Services

We help organizations seeking to go from good to great, as well as companies in deep distress and facing insolvency.

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