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Europe’s start-up ecosystem: Heating up, but still facing challenges

– More ventures are achieving unicorn status, and at a faster pace, but many more still aren’t realizing their full potential. What’s holding them back, and what can change that?

Insurance productivity 2030: Reimagining the insurer for the future

– The pandemic has created significant challenges for insurers and sped their digital shift. To stay competitive, carriers will... need to radically transform their operating models and cost structures.

Accelerating winds of change in global payments

– The COVID-19 crisis is having a significant and widespread effect on global payments across sectors. The most striking and potentially... lasting impact is an accelerating pace of change in the industry.

How executives can help sustain value creation for the long term

– Companies create more shareholder value when executives and directors concentrate on long-term results. A new report highlights... behaviors that allow them to maintain a long-term orientation.

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

– Normalcy by spring, and herd immunity by fall? We assess the prospects for an end in 2021.

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How companies can win in the seven tech-talent battlegrounds

– Companies have to hire the best, but that won’t be enough. They’ll also need to rethink how they reskill and upskill... their people.

How public-sector tech leaders can speed up the journey to the cloud

– Moving to the cloud is fraught with challenges. By answering five questions up front, public-sector leaders can ease and accelerate... the journey.

Streamline the quote-to-cash journey for as-a-service sales

– Selling as-a-service products is often needlessly complex. Focusing on four areas can subtract pain while adding profit.

Case study: Building a customer-centric B2B organization

– A Chinese steel manufacturer systematically transformed its operations to be customer-centric—and in the process, improved... its bottom line.

Divide and conquer: How segmentation helps with food security

– To meet surging demand, one food bank created specific plans for separate food sources and drop-off sites in order to get resources... into the community as fast as possible with a minimum of waste.

Fighting identity theft in benefit claims and payments

– US government agencies are using analytics to mitigate fraud at scale and ensure benefits get into the hands of citizens who need... them most.
Interview - McKinsey Global Institute

James Manyika speaks with Richard Haass about businesses as ‘global entities’

– “We’ve got to expect that we’re going to be in a world of greater, not less, geopolitical turbulence,”... explains the author of The World: A Brief Introduction.

Making a difference with data: What it can mean for food banks

– Using data to forecast food insecurity helped one food bank prepare for the worst.

Reimagining consumer-goods innovation for the next normal

– As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and new consumer behaviors play out, it’s time for manufacturers to reimagine their innovation... portfolios to lead in the next normal.

Reimagining tax authorities for the future

– The COVID-19 crisis is creating new challenges for tax authorities—but this moment isn’t only about responding to... the impact of a global pandemic. Tax authorities can reimagine themselves to be better prepared for the future.

Transforming food banks’ warehouse operations to improve critical performance

– As the COVID-19 pandemic jeopardizes livelihoods as well as human health, there has never been a greater need for efficiency within... food banks, on which more and more people depend. Warehousing activities offer room for real improvement.
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