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Building a world-class Dutch start-up ecosystem

– A strategy to both increase the number of start-ups and facilitate their ability to scale can elevate the Netherlands to a global leader in the world of entrepreneurship ecosystems.

The green IT revolution: A blueprint for CIOs to combat climate change

– Research shows that the most impact on IT-generated emissions can be found in unexpected places.

Why digital trust truly matters

– Consumer faith in cybersecurity, data privacy, and responsible AI hinges on what companies do today—and establishing this... digital trust just might lead to business growth.

Reducing food loss: What grocery retailers and manufacturers can do

– An estimated $600 billion worth of food is lost during or just after harvest. Can manufacturers and grocers do anything about... it? Definitely—and it will be good for business, people, and the planet.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

Overcoming the fear factor in hiring tech talent

– Providing the kind of experience and skill building that augments human capital can open up a much broader pool of candidates.

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How ambidextrous leaders manage through volatile times

– When uncertainty reigns, the best leaders play both defense and offense. That requires honing three types of competitive edge:... insights, commitment, and execution.

Markets versus textbooks: Calculating today’s cost of equity

– Inflation is high and interest rates are climbing. But if you think the real cost of equity rises in lockstep with government... bond yields, think again.

Starting up as a new CFO

– Congratulations, you’ve made it—now hit the ground running. Here are seven key mindsets and practices that effective... CFOs adopt from day one.

2023, a testing year: Will the macro-scenario range widen or narrow?

– Will the world move to solve its structural problems and make superior short-term choices? Yes or no: that’s the first question... on the test.

Australian Banking Association’s CEO faces uncertainty head on

– Anna Bligh, who formerly served as premier of Queensland, is no stranger to crisis. She explains how tough times can be an opportunity... for positive change.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

The complication of concentration in global trade

– Concentration in the origins of traded products is widespread, prompting questions about whether to diversify or decouple.

Why Davos matters more than ever

– Global challenges call for global leadership.

Artificial intelligence in strategy

– AI tools can help executives avoid biases in decisions, pull insights out of oceans of data, and make strategic choices more quickly.... And that’s just the beginning.

Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, December 2022

– GDP forecasts improve; central banks sustain inflation battle amid cost-of-living crisis; China further eases pandemic restrictions,... noting risks.

Innovation: Your solution for weathering uncertainty

– When the times get tough, the tough get innovative and create paths to future growth.

Economic conditions outlook during turbulent times, December 2022

– Sentiments on the global economy have lifted after a negative turn in June, though executives remain uneasy. They continue to... see geopolitical conflicts and inflation as top economic threats.
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