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Plugging in: What electrification can do for industry

– As the prices of renewable electricity and electric equipment continue to drop, industrial companies can capture cost-saving and GHG-emission-reduction opportunities by planning the electrification of their operations.

How a post-pandemic stimulus can both create jobs and help the climate

– The $10 trillion in stimulus measures that policy makers have allocated could be decisive for the world’s low-carbon transition.... Here’s how organizations can bring economic and environmental priorities together.

No going back: New imperatives for European banking

– Now is the time for Europe’s banking leaders to reimagine how their institutions operate and their role in society.

From thinking about the next normal to making it work: What to stop, start, and accelerate

– As businesses step into the post-coronavirus future, they need to find a balance between what worked before and what needs to... happen to succeed in the next normal.

How growth can help Europe’s companies face the coming economic crisis

– CEOs can draw on the region’s spirit of innovation to recover revenues, and even grow, after COVID-19. It’ll take... some big bets.

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Amid volatile commodity prices, beware of cognitive bias

– Advanced analytics can help overcome cognitive biases that can lead managers to make irrational risk-management decisions.

A new approach in tracking travel demand

– The scale of the current crisis in airlines is unprecedented. To recover, the industry will need better data on where and when... demand is likely to rebound.

Checking the health of your business partnerships

– Frequent, systematic assessments of joint ventures and alliances can reveal hidden problems and opportunities to create more value.

Energizing industrial manufacturing through active performance management

– A new approach can help industrials gain greater visibility into performance and capture lasting gains.

Financial decision-maker sentiment: US

– An ongoing look at how the attitudes of financial decision makers in the US are evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reopening and reimagining Africa

– How the COVID-19 crisis can catalyze change across the continent.

Reopening safely: Sample practices from essential businesses

– The safety protocols of hospitals, grocery stores, and other establishments that stayed open during the COVID-19 pandemic can... offer ideas for businesses preparing to welcome employees and customers back.

Survey: Belgian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Belgian consumers continue to be worried about the economy and the potential duration of COVID-19.

Survey: Canadian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Canadian optimism has remained steady during COVID-19, with most Canadians uncertain about an economic recovery.

Survey: Danish consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Danish consumers are still concerned about the economy, overall public health, and the duration of the COVID-19 situation.

Survey: French consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– In France, pessimism about an economic recovery is at its highest level since March, despite the lifting of restrictions.
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