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A CEO’s guide to the metaverse

– It’s too big to ignore—yet its future is far from certain. Companies need to dip a toe in the water and plan to take the plunge should developments warrant.

The AI-native telco: Radical transformation to thrive in turbulent times

– Artificial intelligence, when deployed at scale, can help telcos protect core revenues and drive margin growth. But capturing... this opportunity will require a wholly different approach.

Delayering: An organizational overhaul for growing Europe’s telcos

– European telco operators face a critical growth challenge. Delayering businesses to focus on meeting that challenge could prove... to be the most effective response.

Navigating the three horizons of 5G business building

– As 5G technology transforms industries, telcos’ ability to maximize the opportunity will depend on transforming themselves... from network providers to outcome providers with a new approach to monetization.

What separates top product managers from the rest of the pack

– Software is an increasingly important driver for companies across industries. Capturing the full value of investing in it depends... on strong product management capabilities.

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Executive Voices


Entrepreneur First CEO Matt Clifford on early stage talent investing

– One of Europe’s top talent investors talks about his unique approach to backing companies before they exist and how to find... the “edge” in a potential founder.

e& Group CEO: Transforming from a telco to a techco

– Hatem Dowidar discusses the source of his optimism about the telecom industry, the lessons of the recent past, and why the Middle... Eastern and African operator required a radical organizational overhaul to position itself for future growth.

Making product inclusion and equity a core part of tech

– Annie Jean-Baptiste, the head of product inclusion and equity at Google, talks about how and why the tech giant works to incorporate... DE&I and belonging into every aspect of the development process and what others can do to make the same shift.

Quick commerce pushes the limits on grocery delivery

– Just as food delivery is booming, the speed with which groceries can arrive at your door is taking off. Berker Yağci of Getir,... one of the leading start-ups promising to deliver within just 10 or 15 minutes, talks about the challenges and opportunities in the dynamic sector.

Stacey Sher on the future of movies and streaming

– The veteran film and TV producer shares her perspective on what the technology shifts roiling the entertainment business mean... for both artists and audiences.

Box’s Aaron Levie on navigating SaaS’ several stages of growth

– After nearly two decades leading the file-sharing company, its co-founder and CEO talks about how his understanding of value in... enterprise software has evolved.

Tech Trends


Fiber opportunity: Four deal types for investors to consider

– High investor demand has put a premium on fiber networks that deliver broadband connections to households, but there is still... scope for more value-creating deals.

The Next Normal – The future of video entertainment: Immersive, gamified, and diverse

– You’re at the movies with friends—but the movie is more like a game with a narrative. You feel like you’re in... the movie because your seat gets hot when there’s a fire on screen. And everyone can see and hear the movie in whatever language they choose. That scenario could represent the next normal in video entertainment, according to McKinsey experts and industry executives.

IoT value set to accelerate through 2030: Where and how to capture it

– New research shows that the Internet of Things offers significant economic value potential, particularly in standardized production... settings, but companies must achieve scale to capture it.

New Capabilities


The digital reinvention of enterprise tech go-to-market

– As customers demand both transformational expertise and simplified, self-serve experiences, the traditional enterprise sales playbook... is being disrupted from the top down and bottom up.

Tech talent tectonics: Ten new realities for finding, keeping, and developing talent

– Large incumbents can compete successfully for tech talent—but only if they’re ready to completely rethink their entire... HR approach. Tech talent think and act differently.

Repairing the broken rung on the career ladder for women in technical roles

– Women in technical roles are less likely than men to win promotions early in their careers, and many are exiting the field. Companies... can strengthen workforces and boost performance by reversing this trend.

New Markets


How technology is shaping learning in higher education

– New McKinsey research shows that students and faculty are eager to continue using new classroom learning technologies adopted... during the pandemic, but institutions could do more to support the shift.

What’s fueling Pakistan’s emerging start-up ecosystem

– With a massive young, English-speaking population and a fast-growing, tech-savvy middle class, Pakistan has many ingredients for... a thriving start-up ecosystem. So why is it only now starting to live up to its entrepreneurial potential, and where is it headed?

Cloud economics and the six most damaging mistakes to avoid

– The value potential of cloud is enormous, but only for companies that understand—and adapt to—the realities of cloud... economics.

Reversal of fortune: How European software can play to its strengths

– A relative lack of top software companies threatens Europe’s economic competitiveness. To turn that tide, the private sector... has to stop trying to play catch-up and take an altogether new approach.



A technology survival guide for resilience

– Resilience means understanding the criticality of a business process, the capability of the underlying technology, the business... impact if the technology fails, and the organization’s risk tolerance.

How data can help tech companies thrive amid economic uncertainty

– Amid rising pressure on tech companies to boost performance, better data management can pave the way to sustainable growth.

Telecom networks: Tracking the coming xRAN revolution

– A boom in adoption of new technologies could help fuel innovation and cost reduction, but the industry must navigate several issues... to deliver on the full promise of xRAN.

Lessons from transformers: How some distributors reset and won

– In an exceptionally challenging marketplace, a few distributors are outperforming others by wide margins. Here’s what they... do differently.

Winning the SMB tech market in a challenging economy

– The small-and-midsize-business market has huge potential, but it’s also highly competitive and fragmented. Tech providers... must understand the unique, evolving needs and preferences of small companies.

Strategies for building US semiconductor fabs: Finding skilled labor

– The need to compete for skilled labor could delay fab construction in the United States, but some new strategies may help accelerate... progress.
Article - McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility

How to close the Black tech talent gap

– Businesses risk billions if Black professionals continue to be underrepresented in tech jobs. Closing the gap means making changes... to education, recruiting, and retention initiatives.

Fueling the Hungarian start-up ecosystem

– Cooperation among all stakeholders would help the country create a start-up culture that could generate some 30,000 high-value-adding... jobs and up to €1.3 billion in additional direct local spending.

Semiconductor fabs: Construction challenges in the United States

– Major semiconductor players have undertaken and announced US-based fab construction projects, and more are under consideration.... Here’s a road map for moving ahead.

Imperatives for photonics companies in the next wave of growth

– Being in the right vertical segments and deftly using M&A will help photonics companies to succeed in the future.

The winning recipe for transforming advanced planning systems

– Most supply chain leaders will overhaul their IT systems for planning in the coming years. This article shows how to increase... the chances of success.
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