Technology and telecommunications B2B customer buying trends: Bright horizons with some warning signs

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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and telecommunications, business-to-business (B2B) customers displayed a positive investment outlook for the upcoming year, according to our latest Pulse survey. And, these customers’ needs are clear: from a product perspective, first-class cybersecurity, product features, and integrations are top of mind; and from a vendor perspective, brand and reputation as well as competent sales representatives are central. These findings signal a meaningful shift from historic spending priorities and provider preferences, with the potential to reshape the markets over the coming year. In particular, the market outlook could be viewed as a wake-up call for telecommunications companies, which need to accelerate their efforts to find a compelling value proposition that allows them to play a greater role in the “beyond the core” space. On the other hand, channel partners, tech players and cloud providers especially seem to be well positioned to gain traction and boost their shares in the market.

To gain a deeper understanding of technology and telecommunications market drivers and opportunities, McKinsey regularly conducts a comprehensive survey of a diverse set of business decision makers among enterprises that purchase telecom and technology equipment and services. The latest edition of the Global Technology and Telecommunications B2B Pulse Survey is based on an extensive analysis of more than 3,000 responses from enterprises of all sizes, spanning 11 industries and 15 countries. It serves as a valuable resource for businesses seeking to navigate and grow in the converging technology and telecommunications B2B landscape.

Positive investment outlook

Large enterprises are leading the way

Africa and Asia–Pacific display strongest upside

More than half of enterprises intend to increase their spend across a range of connectivity and technology products next year.
Large enterprises in particular are plan to increase budgets.
Africa and Asia-Pacific share a more positive investment outlook.

A clear shift in vendor preferences

Tech categories are leading growth

Changing landscape for telecom providers

The tech and telecommunications B2B market is expected to grow by $150 billion this year across nine connectivity and tech product categories.
Cloud providers are likely to capture the most market growth, while telcos grow below their fair share.

Cybersecurity—the most pressing need

Cybersecurity—a global priority

Cybersecurity is the most important tech need in 2024.
Cybersecurity is the most import need across regions.
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What separates B2B GTM outperformers in tech and telecom

Cybersecurity—also the reason to switch providers

The biggest driver of provider switching across product categories is cybersecurity.

Convenience vs best-in-class

More than half of decision makers prefer integrated offerings over best-of-breed solutions, with the highest shares in connectivity.
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