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The CEO: Architect of the new operations agenda

To thrive in a volatile and unpredictable postpandemic economy, companies need smarter, faster, more agile operations. That requires big changes—and commitment from the very top of the organization.

Sustainability in packaging: Five key levers for significant impact

– Our survey reveals a strong commitment to sustainability in packaging, but few organizations are on track to meet these goals. We suggest five levers to get companies back on track.

Value, speed, and scale: A new era for operations in Asia

– CEOs are embracing radical new approaches in business operations to rapidly scale growth. And Asia will be a dynamic proving ground.

Operational Resilience


A more resilient supply chain from optimized operations planning

– To combat greater complexity and prepare for rapid demand shifts, resilient companies can integrate prescriptive analytics into... their supply chain planning.

Harnessing volatility: Technology transformation in oil and gas

– Digital technologies can help oil and gas CEOs and leaders cut costs, boost output, and reduce carbon emissions. Here are five... big ideas to make them work at scale.

Delivering the US manufacturing renaissance

– The stage is set for a manufacturing resurgence in the United States. Can the country’s producers make it happen?

How mining companies reach the operational excellence gold standard

– Creating a culture of operational excellence is allowing the mining industry to reach new heights in sustained improvement in... productivity, efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

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The Titanium Economy

How industrial technology can create a better, faster, stronger America

Generative scheduling: Saving time and money in capital projects

– With both infrastructure spending and inflation on the rise, optimizing scheduling and work sequencing can accelerate projects and unlock valuable savings.

Taking the pulse of shifting supply chains

– Our latest survey shows global supply chains on the move.
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Ops 4.0—The Human Factor: Powering the learning and development engine

– Is your organization equipped for continuous capability building?

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McKinsey Talks Operations Podcast

Cutting through the noise to transform strategy into lasting operations success

Special collections


The industrial revolution in services

– Weaving digital into the entire organization will require companies to raise their aspirations, expand their toolkits, and deliver impact across the board.

Building supply-chain resilience

– At a time when cost control is critical, a reimagination of supply chains can deliver the resilience and efficiency business needs for the next normal—if leaders make smart investments to minimize costly disruptions before they occur.

The care of one: Hyperpersonalization of customer care

– Hyperpersonalization will be the new proving ground in customer care. This compendium lays out four key drivers that organizations must be prepared to integrate by 2025.

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The new era of operations

Our leaders share more on how organizations across Asia are transforming their business operations to tackle today’s major challenges.

How digital factories lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

McKinsey partner Enno de Boer and senior partner Katy George highlight research findings from the Global Lighthouse Network project and talk through the power of manufacturing innovation at scale.

Digital Manufacturing


Converge IT and OT to turbocharge business operations’ scaling power

– The IT/OT stack can be a major stumbling block in digital transformation. Or, with the right changes, it can be the key to unlocking... digital at scale.

Transforming advanced manufacturing through Industry 4.0

– Manufacturers in industries such as automotive and electronics, nearing the tipping point of digital adoption, are achieving even... faster and more sustainable change through Industry 4.0.

Digital twins: The art of the possible in product development and beyond

– Digital representations of physical products are coming to life. Here’s how to make them work for you.

The mainstreaming of additive manufacturing

– After 40 years of development, what will it take for additive manufacturing to become more than a niche technology?

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Industrial-resource productivity and the road to sustainability

– As industrial companies—especially in process industries—strive for a zero-carbon future, a time-tested approach shows... renewed value in helping reduce carbon by up to one-third in three to five years.

Outsprinting the energy crisis

– High energy costs are hitting Europe’s industrial players hard. Bold action could protect margins today and make companies... cleaner, stronger, and more profitable for the future.

Full-potential procurement: Lessons amid inflation and volatility

– Procurement organizations are uniquely positioned to catalyze cross-functional actions that promote efficiency and resilience... in rapidly evolving market conditions.

How good are your internal operations—really?

– When evaluating operational processes, human observation goes only so far. New data and analytics technologies can yield insights... that are much more objective—and powerful.

Digital twins: What could they do for your business?

– Less waste, shorter times to market, constant customer insights: the advantages of applying digital twins are many—if you... get the conditions right.

The art of the possible: An interview with leaders from Scottish Water

– Many organizations have made decarbonization commitments, but meeting those goals is a different story. Gordon Reid and Mark Williams... from Scottish Water share their insights.

Leading operating model modernization: What do transformation leaders say?

– Leaders of agile centers of excellence came together to discuss key success factors for going agile and their conviction that... doing so is the best way to safeguard the future of companies.

Using advanced analytics to improve performance in customs agencies

– Machine learning and other analytics tools can improve fraud detection and strategic workforce planning, among other potential... benefits.

Against the odds: How life sciences companies excel in large transformations

– Life sciences companies pursuing a step change in performance have obtained mixed results. Adhering to five principles can greatly... improve the odds of a large transformation program succeeding.

The hidden value of voice conversations: Part 1, Trends and technologies

– Understanding more of what their customers are saying can help contact centers provide new sources of competitive advantage.

The hidden value of voice conversations: Part 2, Reaping the rewards

– Voice analytics can help you understand more about what your customers are saying—if you know how to select and apply the... technology.
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