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The CEO: Architect of the new operations agenda

To thrive in a volatile and unpredictable postpandemic economy, companies need smarter, faster, more agile operations. That requires big changes—and commitment from the very top of the organization.

Stepping up: What COOs will need to succeed in 2023 and beyond

– COOs are increasingly important to corporations, but what skills will they need to perform at their best? Business leaders weigh in.

Value, speed, and scale: A new era for operations in Asia

– CEOs are embracing radical new approaches in business operations to rapidly scale growth. And Asia will be a dynamic proving ground.

Operational Resilience


Battery 2030: Resilient, sustainable, and circular

– Battery demand is growing—and so is the need for better solutions along the value chain.

The next chapter: Lighthouses shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution

– The story of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is moving forward at speed, with members of the Global Lighthouse Network grasping... the pen and writing a tale of the need for scale.

To regionalize or not? Optimizing North American supply chains

– Companies have much to consider when deciding whether to relocate all or part of their production and supply chain footprints... to meet North American market needs.

Great service—but who’s paying?

– Consumer goods players are meeting rising service expectations, but they must do more to recover the costs involved.

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The Titanium Economy

How industrial technology can create a better, faster, stronger America

A new operations formula for the chemicals sector

– Facing spiraling costs, looming skills shortages, and the decarbonization imperative, manufacturers of chemicals and agricultural products can’t afford to stand still.

What matters: How to scale advanced analytics in corporate functions

– Organizations are starting to embrace advanced analytics as a core pillar of innovation within their general and administrative functions.

The scaling imperative for industry 4.0

– Global Lighthouse Network organizations continue to light the way in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To keep up, companies must now scale technologies across sites and value chains.

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McKinsey Talks Operations Podcast

Cutting through the noise to transform strategy into lasting operations success

Special collections


The industrial revolution in services

– Weaving digital into the entire organization will require companies to raise their aspirations, expand their toolkits, and deliver impact across the board.

Building supply-chain resilience

– At a time when cost control is critical, a reimagination of supply chains can deliver the resilience and efficiency business needs for the next normal—if leaders make smart investments to minimize costly disruptions before they occur.

The care of one: Hyperpersonalization of customer care

– Hyperpersonalization will be the new proving ground in customer care. This compendium lays out four key drivers that organizations must be prepared to integrate by 2025.

Featured Videos

The new era of operations

Our leaders share more on how organizations across Asia are transforming their business operations to tackle today’s major challenges.

How digital factories lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

McKinsey partner Enno de Boer and senior partner Katy George highlight research findings from the Global Lighthouse Network project and talk through the power of manufacturing innovation at scale.

Digital Manufacturing


Deep learning in product design

– A revolutionary approach is transforming the way companies approach tough engineering optimization challenges.

Digital twins: Flying high, flexing fast

– Digital design and product development can provide new ways to solve complex problems. Getting implementation right means thoughtfully... translating big ideas into boots on the ground.

114 down, 10 million to go: The Global Lighthouse Network’s mission

– Global Lighthouse Network members show that Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies help to deliver better workforce engagement,... improved sustainability, and increased productivity.

Power spike: How battery makers can respond to surging demand from EVs

– As the auto market embraces electric vehicles, battery demand is soaring. Bold moves in gigafactory construction, supply chain... strategy, and talent acquisition can help industry players get ahead.

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The continuing evolution of the Global Lighthouse Network

– The growth of the Global Lighthouse Network showcases the opportunities for Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to make... a positive impact for people and the planet.

Five big technology transformation ideas for oil and gas CEOs

– Only 30% of oil and gas companies have successfully scaled digital manufacturing. But a few digital transformation ideas can help... oil and gas CEOs achieve real impact on production KPIs.

Industrial-resource productivity and the road to sustainability

– As industrial companies—especially in process industries—strive for a zero-carbon future, a time-tested approach shows... renewed value in helping reduce carbon by up to one-third in three to five years.

Emerging from disruption: The future of pharma operations strategy

– To maintain profitable and resilient operations, CEOs and COOs of pharma companies may need to make bold changes to their operations... strategy as the industry navigates new challenges.

Outsprinting the energy crisis

– High energy costs are hitting Europe’s industrial players hard. Bold action could protect margins today and make companies... cleaner, stronger, and more profitable for the future.

Full-potential procurement: Lessons amid inflation and volatility

– Procurement organizations are uniquely positioned to catalyze cross-functional actions that promote efficiency and resilience... in rapidly evolving market conditions.

How good are your internal operations—really?

– When evaluating operational processes, human observation goes only so far. New data and analytics technologies can yield insights... that are much more objective—and powerful.

Converge IT and OT to turbocharge business operations’ scaling power

– The IT/OT stack can be a major stumbling block in digital transformation. Or, with the right changes, it can be the key to unlocking... digital at scale.

Myth busters: Unexpected insights on contact centers

– By using facts rather than outdated assumptions, companies can shape their customer service strategies to better answer consumer... and employee needs.

The winning recipe for transforming advanced planning systems

– Most supply chain leaders will overhaul their IT systems for planning in the coming years. This article shows how to increase... the chances of success.

McKinsey Talks Operations: How the best from 2022 can power 2023

– Listen in as we recap this year’s critical conversations with industry experts on the real operational challenges being... faced by business leaders.
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Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies are shaping the future of production

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