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Securing the competitiveness of the European chemical industry

– Companies can build on Europe’s intrinsic strengths and play offense in sustainability, while pursuing consolidation and functional excellence.

A new operations formula for the chemicals sector

– Facing spiraling costs, looming skills shortages, and the decarbonization imperative, manufacturers of chemicals and agricultural... products can’t afford to stand still.

The energy transition: A region-by-region agenda for near-term action

– What practical actions could countries take now to ensure that the energy transition both accelerates and proceeds in an orderly... fashion?

Excellence in petrochemicals: What it will take to win

– A full-potential transformation could prepare petrochemical players for challenging market conditions.

Making everyday products greener

– Transition to greener products may be challenging, but it’s feasible. However, achieving scale will be a significant hurdle... in a world where demand for green materials will soon outstrip supply if targets and commitments are taken seriously.

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US polyethylene price evolution and what to expect

– Prices for petrochemicals in the United States have increased significantly, even beyond what fundamentals would dictate.

Petrochemicals 2020: A year of resilience and the road to recovery

– Most companies showed recovery of revenues and profits to pre-COVID-19 levels in the third and fourth quarters. A deeper dive... into the numbers illustrates several implications for 2021.

Getting value from advanced digital technology for industrial gas companies

– With relatively little risk, industrial gas companies can optimize parts of their operations with advanced technologies.

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The future of commodity trading

– A new normal of commodity trading will call for new types of traders.

Beyond the bottle: Solutions for recycling challenging plastics

– As demand for recycled content accelerates and the economics of recycling reaches a new level, there is an opportunity to bring... challenging plastics into the recycling stream.

Capturing the green-premium value from sustainable materials

– Materials are the next net-zero frontier. To seize the opportunity, green-materials producers and buyers must act now.

Reimagining Mexico’s chemical industry

– The country’s chemical sector could double in size. A shift toward sustainable products, regionalization, and emerging value... pools offers an opportunity to fulfill Mexico’s potential.

Addressing the challenges of plastic waste: Circularity and leakage

– Circularity alone won’t stop leakage. Emerging economies still need to have proper waste management systems for their plastic... and other materials.

The new imperative for green commodities

– The energy and materials transition is reshaping the strategic toolbox of commodity producers. Seven actions can help them master... the transition.

Electric vehicles: The next growth engine in chemicals

– A paradigm shift in automotive purchasing linked to the electric-vehicle transition is creating a major growth opportunity for... chemical companies.

The cement sector’s net-zero transition: Higher costs and demand shifts

– For cement companies and their value-chain partners, opportunities for value creation could arise as customers look for low-emissions... building materials.

How green can green growth be?

– The transition to net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions will take trillions of dollars and several decades. Here’s how B2B leaders... can extract maximum value from the journey.

Navigating regulatory uncertainty in packaging: A new wave of chemical-substance regulations

– Forthcoming chemical-substance regulations will add significant complexity for the packaging industry. Being proactive in developing... a cross-functional master plan can provide clarity and a route to managing this uncertainty.

Cracking the growth code in chemicals

– Winning market share—not market growth—is a key to success.
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