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Coronavirus: Leading Through the Crisis

Insights on how organizations can respond, and what happens next

Building an e-commerce business: Lessons on moving fast

– With consumers moving online in reaction to coronavirus restrictions, companies will need to learn how to launch new e-commerce... businesses quickly.

Five actions retail supply chains can take to navigate the coronavirus pandemic

– Retail supply chains are grappling with the humanitarian impact of the outbreak, as well as new operational risks. Five actions... can help retailers bring goods to communities and help employees.

A perspective for the luxury-goods industry during—and after—coronavirus

– In these uncertain times, luxury-goods companies must take action to “navigate the now,” plan for the recovery, and shape the... future.

What food retailers should do during the coronavirus crisis

– The food-retail industry plays a critical role in these uncertain times. Here are six actions food retailers should take to help... their communities, their employees, and their business.

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Future of retail operations: Winning in a digital era

– This compendium explores the breadth of change and risk throughout the modern retail industry.

Perspectives on retail and consumer goods, Number 7

– The seventh edition offers some of our latest thinking on the trends and disruptions reshaping the consumer sector.

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Adapting customer experience in the time of coronavirus

– Care, creative thinking, and new tools can address customers’ acute needs today and forge stronger ties in the post-COVID-19 era.

Cautiously optimistic: Chinese consumer behavior post-COVID-19

– Brands are preparing for a “new normal.”

At the heart of a crisis: How consumer-health companies can lead in the time of coronavirus

– As consumer behavior continues to shift with ever-changing conditions, consumer-health companies must respond to the coronavirus... pandemic with key stakeholders in mind.

How China’s consumer companies managed through the COVID-19 crisis: A virtual roundtable

– During a virtual roundtable, China-based executives discuss their experience managing operations at leading consumer companies... during the coronavirus crisis.

Perspectives for North America’s fashion industry in a time of crisis

– Apparel retailers, department-store chains, and cosmetics stores employ millions of people. Industry leaders must take quick action... while also planning for postcrisis realities.

Patterns for value creation in apparel, fashion, and luxury

– Performance in the fashion and luxury industries has turned lower, but leading companies haven’t been deterred. Here’s how they... excel.

The young and the restless: Generation Z in America

– Connected and exuberant, the newest consumer generation in the United States is beginning to define itself.

Asia’s Generation Z comes of age

– The youngest generation of Asian consumers is becoming a force.

Completing a transformation in the consumer-goods industry

– In a dynamic environment, every organization must realign its operating model. Consumer-packaged-goods players are no exception.... But what’s the secret to a successful transformation? Here are six ideas.

Uncovering the state of fashion

– With the global economy cooling and concerns about sustainability rising, the mood among fashion-industry executives is far from... exuberant.

How retailers can build resilience ahead of a recession

– Recent history shows how retailers can prepare for a downturn to create competitive advantage.
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