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McKinsey on Consumer and Retail Podcast: Insights from experts on business and management

McKinsey experts discuss the latest trends and the most pressing challenges for leaders in the retail and consumer-goods industries.... Hear about the immediate and longer-term moves that matter most for business success. Topics covered include strategy, technology, marketing, operations, and organization.

The State of Grocery Retail 2021 - North America

This report is part of McKinsey’s broader global series The State of Grocery Retail, an annual publication covering three... continents (including Asia–Pacific, the European Union, and North America). Our goal is to frame major trends and issues for CEOs seeking to stay ahead of market shifts. To bring a holistic view of industry dynamics, we complemented our colleagues’ insights and analyses with surveys and interviews with grocery executives.

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Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

Beyond income: Redrawing Asia’s consumer map

– Asia’s consumer markets are not only growing rapidly but diversifying and segmenting. Three changes in perspective are key to understanding new consumption paths in the region.

Revamping fashion sourcing: Speed and flexibility to the fore

– Supply-chain disruptions have made fast, flexible sourcing a top priority for fashion companies. Our survey of global sourcing... executives reveals ambitious targets—and much work still to do.

Retail supply-chain strategies for the holidays and beyond

– How can retailers ensure strong sales this holiday season amid continuing supply-chain problems? Two McKinsey experts share their... insights.

‘Everyone snacks’: How Mars Wrigley is pursuing growth in emerging markets

– Blas Maquivar, president of global emerging markets at Mars Wrigley, discusses consumers’ evolving snacking behaviors, the... company’s digital and purpose-driven ambitions, and his new travel schedule amid the pandemic.

Breaking the code: Unlocking digital and analytics at scale for consumer goods

– The why, what, and how of consumer digital and analytics transformations

Retail’s need for speed: Unlocking value in omnichannel delivery

– The race to provide ever-faster omnichannel order fulfillment is on. Where should retailers keep up—and what are the value-creation... opportunities in doing so?

Crafting a fit-for-future retail operating model

– Retailers must move beyond cost cutting to embrace a comprehensive transformation.

Tech-enabled SG&A transformation

– How to leverage the upcoming S/4HANA migration as an opportunity for a holistic SG&A cost transformation.

Disruption & uncertainty: The state of European grocery retail 2021

Our partnership with EuroCommerce provides executives with a comprehensive view on an industry forced to adapt at unprecedented... speed.

Seven segments shaping China’s consumption landscape

– China offers a $5 trillion consumption growth opportunity over the next decade.

The business of fitness: Building the Tone House brand

– Digital fitness solutions aren’t going away in the postpandemic era—but neither are gyms, says Shaun Robert Jenkins,... head coach at Tone House, New York City’s fast-growing fitness studio.

Hainan’s $40 billion prize: The new battleground for global luxury

– This popular vacation destination is likely to capture a growing share of Chinese luxury spending.

Taking a good look at the beauty industry

– After a challenging year, beauty brands are bouncing back. The most successful ones offer a distinctive omnichannel customer experience... while prioritizing sustainability and inclusivity.

Diversity in fashion: Voices from the industry

– Hear directly from fashion students, emerging designers, and industry leaders about their experiences in the US fashion industry—and... their ideas for creating more inclusive workplaces.

Taking action: What individuals, companies, and the industry can do

– A more diverse, equitable, and inclusive fashion industry is within reach. But individuals, companies, and institutions in the... broader ecosystem must do their part by taking action in key opportunity areas.

Voices and viewpoints of fashion students and emerging designers

– Listen to diverse students and young professionals talk about their disappointments and aspirations—and see highlights from... our research on diversity in the fashion industry.

‘Creativity would skyrocket’: How diversity could transform fashion

– CaSandra Diggs, president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, shares her views on how the fashion industry can give... diverse talent more visibility, voice, and agency.

The Next Normal

Emerging stronger from the coronavirus pandemic

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In fine jewelry and watches, sustainability shines through

– Consumers shopping for high-end jewelry and watches are increasingly favoring brands that act responsibly, value diversity, and... have a compelling brand presence both online and offline.

The new faces of the Vietnamese consumer

– In the next decade, Vietnam’s middle class is expected to continue to grow, spreading out geographically and becoming more... diverse.

Imagining your customers’ possible futures: A Design x Foresight approach

– In fast-growing and diversifying Asian consumer markets, many possible futures lie ahead, but how can businesses anticipate them... and future proof their organizations? Strategic foresight and futures design are useful tools.

Serving the Black consumer is a $300 billion opportunity

– Tailor products specifically to meet Black consumer needs and wants, and not only is there economic value to be gained but also... a greater chance to meet social and moral objectives.

Omnichannel: It’s time for the online tail to wag the retail dog

– Nonfood retailers, specifically the incumbent category killers, can regain their former strength if they embrace full omnichannel... integration and adopt an “online-first” mindset.

State of Fashion 2022: An uneven recovery and new frontiers

– In 2022, the fashion industry can return to growth as changing category landscapes, new digital frontiers, and advances in sustainability... continue to present opportunities.

Welcome to luxury fashion resale: Discerning customers beckon to brands

– Intrigued customers are breathing fresh life into the luxury apparel market, with a growing appreciation for pre-owned accessories... and clothing. For most, brand involvement in resale is a plus: but can their enthusiasm bring the high-profile labels on board?

Consumer-goods companies must transform their planning end to end

– Rising complexity isn’t tenable. Now is the time to take drastic action—in the form of a tech-driven end-to-end planning... transformation.

The Black unicorn: Changing the game for inclusivity in retail

– In the age of the inclusive consumer, harnessing the power of retail can increase demand for Black-owned brands.

The value of getting personalization right—or wrong—is multiplying

– This Next in Personalization 2021 Report reveals that companies who excel at demonstrating customer intimacy generate... faster rates of revenue growth than their peers. And the closer organizations get to the consumer, the bigger the gains.

Ten steps retailers can take to shock-proof their supply chains

– In a seemingly ‘no win’ environment, retailers can take a two-speed approach to address the current shocks and build a more resilient... foundation for the future.
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