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Raising the resilience of your organization

– Repeatedly rebounding from disruption is tough, but some companies have a recipe for success: a systems mindset emphasizing agility, psychological safety, adaptable leadership, and cohesive culture.

Unlocking the potential of chief diversity officers

– Demand has boomed for heads of diversity in the United States—but so has turnover. Here’s how companies can reshape... a role vital to navigating today’s turbulent social and economic climate.

(Extremely) out of office: Let nature boost your team’s creativity and performance

– Studies show that time spent in nature has a positive effect on attention span and well-being. Companies that harness its power... can create a resilient and productive workforce for the long term.

Taking a skills-based approach to building the future workforce

– Our work with the Rework America Alliance highlights how a skills-based approach can help US employers expand talent pools and... retain great workers—even through economic uncertainty.

Scaling up: How founder CEOs and teams can go beyond aspiration to ascent

– For many start-ups, the challenge is no longer about securing capital—it’s about learning how to restructure themselves... as fast as their products or organizations can evolve.

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The frontline experience

Frontline workers are the backbone of an organization—and leaders can help create a better employee experience.

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Short and snackable insights on topics related to people, talent management, organizational performance, purpose, agility, culture, change management, people analytics, leadership, and merger management from our experienced leaders at the forefront of today’s trends.

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Bryan Hancock, Bill Schaninger, and other talent experts help you navigate a fast-changing landscape and prepare for the future of work by making talent a competitive advantage.


Talent in a changing market: What now?

– High turnover, shrinking pipelines, inflation—the talent market remains in flux. Here’s what you should be doing differently.

Quiet quitting and performance management

– Churn is up. Engagement is down. And year-end reviews are here. Are you worried that giving feedback will make workers feel worse?

The office of the future: A whole new (floor) plan

– Revisiting your talent strategy for a hybrid world? Think hard about the purpose and design of your office space.

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Author Talks: How to connect inner self with outer success

– Columbia professor Hitendra Wadhwa shares how to nurture the one resource that never fails: your inner voice.

Investing in Georgia today for the economy of tomorrow

– Georgia’s economy is thriving. Investments to resolve long-term structural challenges can help sustain jobs and opportunities... for all Georgians and keep the economy resilient.
Executive Briefing

Sustainable and inclusive growth: A weekly briefing

– Climate targets are beginning to slip out of reach—but there’s still time to get back on track. Our weekly digest... of McKinsey insights explores that topic and more.

Effective employee resource groups are key to inclusion at work. Here’s how to get them right

– By aligning their work with corporate and employee expectations, employee resource groups can help people feel more included in... the workplace.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

Addressing the revolving door in risk

– As the field of risk management evolves, the value proposition for employees has to evolve as well.

Author Talks: Rules of power from Jeffrey Pfeffer to help you get your way

– Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer shares advice for gaining power through resources, reputation, and relationships.

Creating an inclusive environment in insurance

– As one of the most diverse sectors for entry-level workers, the insurance industry has a unique opportunity to help marginalized... people advance. It starts with creating an inclusive environment.

Five lessons from AI on closing quantum’s talent gap—before it’s too late

– To ensure organizations have access to the quantum computing talent they need when they need it, leaders will have to upskill... workers and create pathways for new talent, just as they did for AI.
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

Forward Thinking on the meeting point of science and humanity with Jayshree Seth

– Persuaded by her parents to study science and engineering, Jayshree Seth retained her humanities mindset while becoming the first... chief science advocate at the 3M company.

Even in the metaverse, women remain locked out of leadership roles

– Five early indicators on women in the metaverse reveal gender inequality—especially in the leadership creating and setting... metaverse standards.

Author Talks: How to eradicate roadblocks to equity

– A workplace free of racism and sexism can start with a better understanding of the historical relationship between Black and White... women, says Dr. Tina Opie.
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