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The Great Attrition is making hiring harder. Are you searching the right talent pools?

– People keep quitting at record levels, yet companies are still trying to attract and retain them the same old ways. New research identifies five types of workers that employers can reach to fill jobs.

To slow down attrition, pay closer attention to what workers really need

– The Great Attrition continues, but if companies understand the differences among five common employee personas, they may be able... to find and retain talent more effectively.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

Overcoming the fear factor in hiring tech talent

– Providing the kind of experience and skill building that augments human capital can open up a much broader pool of candidates.

‘Making the world a better place never feels like work’: An interview with chief DEI officer Indhira Arrington

– Ares Management’s first global chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer is building the company’s DEI strategy... from the ground up. Here’s how she’s doing it.

Network effects: How to rebuild social capital and improve corporate performance

– People’s professional networks have shrunk since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, while companies’ attrition and... hiring challenges are growing. To help reverse these trends, people and organizations will need to manage workplace interactions more intentionally. Here’s how.

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In our new interview series, participants from the private sector, academia, the arts, and other walks of life reflect on the people and experiences that helped shape them, and the setbacks that made them even more determined to succeed.

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The office of the future: A whole new (floor) plan

– Revisiting your talent strategy for a hybrid world? Think hard about the purpose and design of your office space.

Stave off attrition with an internal talent marketplace

– Is your best talent hiding in plain sight? An internal talent marketplace helps match existing employees to open roles—in novel and sometimes unexpected ways.

Is worker power on the rise?

– Quitting is up, and so are wages. As the Great Attrition persists, employer–employee dynamics appear to be changing. But who actually benefits—and how durably?

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Author Talks: People, planet, profits, and …

– Simmons University President Lynn Perry Wooten refreshes the triple bottom line with a fourth pillar for leading through compounding... crises.

Global M&A market slows in 2022 first half—but shows signs of strength

– Americas are most active while technology/media/telecom dominates other sectors.

Toxic workplace behavior and employee burnout: Fix one, fix both

Jerks at Work author Tessa West shares research and insights about the damaging effect of toxic behavior in the workplace... and offers strategies for effectively coping with it.
Executive Briefing

Sustainable and inclusive growth: A weekly briefing

– Could decarbonized shipping routes help cargo vessels go green? Our weekly digest of McKinsey insights explores that topic and... more.
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Forward Thinking on talent, state capacity, and being hopeful with Tyler Cowen

– A prominent economist, author, podcaster, and talent investor discusses how to better match human talent to opportunities, de-bureaucratize... philanthropy, achieve higher-quality governance, and identify fields of likely progress, and how to get it all done.

Author Talks: It’s time to make youth sports about kids again

– Journalist and former cross-country coach Linda Flanagan pulls back the curtain on K-12 sports in America, revealing an intense,... commercialized system that excludes low-income players.

Mining for tech-talent gold: Seven ways to find and keep diverse talent

– A wealth of diverse tech talent is available, if companies expand their approach to hiring them.

Leading operating model modernization: What do transformation leaders say?

– Leaders of agile centers of excellence came together to discuss key success factors for going agile and their conviction that... doing so is the best way to safeguard the future of companies.

Don’t let fear stop you from forging ahead: An interview with Erika James

– As dean of the Wharton School, James is eager to expand the narrative about the school and all it has to offer. And as a self-described... “insecure risk-taker,” she offers advice on how to turn discomfort into action.

Mission critical: Improving government workforce planning

– Workloads are increasing across government agencies, and leaders are struggling to reallocate resources. A strategic approach... to workforce planning could help align positions with priorities.

Author Talks: How industrial technology is creating a more inclusive economy

– McKinsey reveals 35 cutting-edge companies in the industrial tech sector, highlighting a robust “titanium economy”... that creates American jobs and fuels innovation through sustainable, inclusive growth.
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