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Gender equality

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The front lines of gender inequality

McKinsey Quarterly Five Fifty—More than 75 percent of CEOs have made gender diversity a top priority at their companies. So why do men still get paid more, and promoted more often, than women?

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The yin and yang of organizational health

– Sustained performance over the long term and successful transformation in the near term require many of the same ingredients.

Where is technology taking the economy?

– We are creating an intelligence that is external to humans and housed in the virtual economy. This is bringing us into a new economic... era—a distributive one—where different rules apply.

How the semiconductor industry is taking charge of its transformation

– Three snapshots demonstrate areas of change and opportunity.

Culture for a digital age

– Risk aversion, weak customer focus, and siloed mind-sets have long bedeviled organizations. In a digital world, solving these... cultural problems is no longer optional.

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Competing in a world of sectors without borders

– Explores how digitization will shape global industries, discusses how to make better decisions, provides an action plan for workplace automation, and suggests ways for companies to improve HR.

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