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Cloudy with a chance of billions

The latest forecast calls for industries to capture billions in value from cloud. But not every company will join in the profits.

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Five Fifty: Better bosses

– Of all the misery in the world, one source lies within an organization’s sphere of influence: the behavior of its bosses and supervisors.

Five Fifty: Breaking through in health

– Scientific innovation can speed effective responses to future pandemics and health crises. Here are ten promising innovations.

Five Fifty: Making loyalty pay

– Fast-surfing consumers are trying out new brands, stores, products, and websites. Can loyalty programs keep pace?

Five Fifty: The new landscape of risk

– With catastrophic events on the rise, companies face nonlinear shifts to their risk-return profiles. Here’s how to prepare.

Five Fifty: The skillful corporation

– With skill shortages looming, companies need multiple tactics to close the capability gap. Here are three keys to action.

Five Fifty: The pandemic’s gender effect

– Women are disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Here’s how to help.

Five Fifty: The big experiment

– Crisis-fueled experimentation has become a primary source of organic growth during the pandemic. But you’ve got to escape pilot... purgatory first.

Five Fifty: Is it safe?

– In times of anxiety, depression, fear, and stress, how can companies create the psychological safety that employees need?

Five Fifty: High stakes for stakeholder capitalism

– As environmental, social, and governance issues become more urgent, companies are looking to create both profits and progress.

Five Fifty: The quickening

– If you’re feeling whiplash, it might be the ten years forward we just jumped in 90 days’ time.

Five Fifty: Science as unusual

– Innovations in biological science have quickened the global coronavirus response—and signal broader competitive disruptions for... business.
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