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Seizing the momentum to build resilience for a future of sustainable inclusive growth

– The ‘resilience agenda,’ developed by the World Economic Forum with McKinsey & Company, is the first serious program to coordinate long-term solutions throughout our disrupted world.

A technology survival guide for resilience

– Resilience means understanding the criticality of a business process, the capability of the underlying technology, the business... impact if the technology fails, and the organization’s risk tolerance.

Geopolitical risk: Navigating a world in flux

– In a fast-fragmenting world, geopolitical instability has vaulted to the top of the CEO agenda. Here’s what today’s... fraught global dynamics mean for leaders—and how they can begin grappling with geopolitical risk successfully.

Managing a cyber risk event: ‘Be a student of a crisis’

– Julia Houston, chief strategy and marketing officer at Equifax Inc., explains how the credit bureau managed one of the biggest... data breaches in history, her learnings, and how cybersecurity is rapidly changing.

How three global companies navigate geopolitical risk to build resilience

– Top executives at Google, Intel, and Pfizer spoke with McKinsey’s Ziad Haider about the risks that their companies have... faced and anticipate facing in 2023.

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McKinsey on Risk, Number 13, October 2022

– Today’s business and public-sector leaders face a risk landscape disrupted at levels that few have seen before and none has ever confronted as an executive. We have reached a defining leadership moment, where executives are taking a step back and redefining resilience.

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Business Resilience

Resilience is the ability of a business to withstand, adapt, and thrive in the face of shocks that are internal and external, as well as known and unanticipated.

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How to enhance the cybersecurity of operational technology environments

– Cyberattacks on operational technology systems have been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their huge impact... on industrial operations means that organizations must find answers—quickly.

How to improve liquidity accuracy at a time of economic uncertainty

– To address rising interest rates and continued economic uncertainty, now is the time for CFOs and treasurers to take a more structured... and systematic approach to liquidity accuracy.

The EU digital strategy: The impact of data privacy on global business

– New data regulations from the European Union require organizational attention, and three key steps can help navigate the data... privacy landscape.

Resiliency and leadership in uncertain times: An interview with Splunk’s CEO

– Splunk CEO Gary Steele explains how digitization is elevating the topic of resilience to the boardroom and shares his thoughts... on successful CEO transitions.

Black swans, gray rhinos, and silver linings: Anticipating geopolitical risks (and openings)

– The need for board-level strategic conversations on geopolitical risk is urgent.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Rekindling US productivity for a new era

– Regaining historical rates of productivity growth would add $10 trillion to US GDP—a boost needed to confront workforce... shortages, debt, inflation, and the energy transition.

Using model risk management to address climate analytics: It’s a process, not a task

– Climate models create significant risks and complexity. Model risk managers need a tailored approach to ensure they are fit for... purpose.

What is resilience?

– Resilience is the ability to not only recover quickly from a crisis but to bounce back better—and even thrive.

2023, a testing year: Will the macro-scenario range widen or narrow?

– Will the world move to solve its structural problems and make superior short-term choices? Yes or no: that’s the first question... on the test.

Financing the net-zero transition: From planning to practice

– Financial institutions will play a leading role in the transition to a net-zero economy. To maximize the opportunity, they must... make fundamental changes across portfolios and organizations.
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

The complication of concentration in global trade

– Concentration in the origins of traded products is widespread, prompting questions about whether to diversify or decouple.
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RiskMinds International 2021

Technological resilience

– How strong, secure, and flexible is your company infrastructure?

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