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How to build geopolitical resilience amid a fragmenting global order

– Organizations need to strategically invest in capabilities, people, processes, structures, and technology to navigate the risks arising from an evolving and fraught geopolitical landscape.

Software bill of materials: Managing software cybersecurity risks

– As software-related vulnerabilities continue to grow, companies must manage their software cyber risks to innovate faster and... create safer, more secure digital products.

Why digital trust truly matters

– Consumer faith in cybersecurity, data privacy, and responsible AI hinges on what companies do today—and establishing this... digital trust just might lead to business growth.

Building resilience: The history and future of US crisis management

– The crisis management community has made great progress on building resilience in the past two decades, but much work remains... to prepare for a future of more frequent and damaging disasters.

Creating a technology risk and cyber risk appetite framework

– Here’s how to build a comprehensive, measurable, and objective end-to-end risk appetite framework as a foundation for managing... technology risk and cyber risk.

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McKinsey on Risk, Number 12, April 2022

– Gearing up for life beyond the crisis, organizations face an array of risks. In our latest issue of McKinsey on Risk, we offer our unique perspectives about the imperatives of strengthening institutional resilience.

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Business Resilience

Resilience is the ability of a business to withstand, adapt, and thrive in the face of shocks that are internal and external, as well as known and unanticipated.

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Why businesses need explainable AI—and how to deliver it

– As artificial intelligence informs more decisions, companies’ AI systems must be understood by users and those affected... by AI use. Actions in two areas can maximize AI’s benefits and minimize risk.

Web3 beyond the hype

– While buffeted by the recent market downturn and bankruptcies, digital assets and the technologies underlying them still have... the potential to transform business models across sectors.

Something’s coming: How US companies can build resilience, survive a downturn, and thrive in the next cycle

– The US economy continues to throw off mixed signals. But one thing is becoming clear: executives should prepare for an extended... period of higher interest rates.

McKinsey’s unorthodox general counsel

– On paper, Pierre Gentin is a legal all-star. In person, he’s a lot more.

Perspectives on model risk management of cybersecurity solutions in banking

– The sooner banks start their journey and establish an effective approach to model risk management of cybersecurity solutions,... the quicker they will be able to manage risk and establish controls.

Using analytics to address inflation risks and strengthen competitive positioning

– In the new inflationary environment, company leaders can protect their business and gain competitive advantage by deploying analytics-aided... strategies.

Localization of data privacy regulations creates competitive opportunities

– Around the world, new regulations are promoting data localization. To comply, companies must be agile in their investments, but... those that get it right could increase their revenues and market share.

Securing your organization by recruiting, hiring, and retaining cybersecurity talent to reduce cyberrisk

– Shed the conventional methods. Talent-to-value protection defines the most important cybersecurity roles that demonstrate the... greatest reduction in risk for the enterprise.

Managing financial crime risk in digital payments

– To face down the financial-crime threat, payments service providers can learn from banks while utilizing their own advanced technological... skills.

Cybersecurity legislation: Preparing for increased reporting and transparency

– To get ready for compliance with new US regulations, companies can segment their preparation into stages and take both short-... and long-term actions to increase preparedness.

Resilience for sustainable, inclusive growth

– Resilience should be seen as the ability to deal with adversity, withstand shocks, and continuously adapt and accelerate as disruptions... and crises arise over time.
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RiskMinds International 2021

Technological resilience

– How strong, secure, and flexible is your company infrastructure?

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