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A digitally generated image showcases a planet with two semi-spheres connected, where the left side is adorned with lush trees while the right side is a bustling urban landscape dominated by towering buildings.

Everything you wanted to know about carbon removals but were afraid to ask

Dave Shull wearing a navy suit jacket and white button-down against a backdrop of lush greenery.
How HP is finding success in circularity
A digitized image of the earth against a blue background
AI for social good: Improving lives and protecting the planet
3-D globe with people people scattered around, forming the land.
Climate Transition Impact Framework: Essential elements for an equitable and inclusive transition
Six circles of increasing sizes layered over one another in a paper cut out style. Each circle has a mix of carbon removal solutions represented on it including direct air capture fans, biomass carbon remediation trucks and factory storage, biochar tractor, mangroves, kelp buoys, and forest restoration. Business people walk around buildings are also interspersed though the scenes and friendly clouds float by.
Carbon removals: How to scale a new gigaton industry

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