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Toward a more orderly US energy transition: Six key action areas

– The US drive to decarbonize is at an inflection point. Critical actions could accelerate the transition while enhancing energy affordability and supporting inclusive economic growth.

Climate investing: Continuing breakout growth through uncertain times

– Investments in climate technology are still increasing, defying the headwinds that affected most capital markets. We identify... eight factors for deploying capital in this resilient space.

The energy transition: A region-by-region agenda for near-term action

– What practical actions could countries take now to ensure that the energy transition both accelerates and proceeds in an orderly... fashion?

Nature in the balance: What companies can do to restore natural capital

– Specific corporate actions, many with a positive return on investment, could help reverse the trend of the depletion of natural... capital.

Net-zero heat: Long-duration energy storage to accelerate energy system decarbonization

– Thermal energy storage has the potential to greatly contribute to decarbonizing global heat and power, while helping to ensure... the energy system operates affordably, reliably, and efficiently.

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Accelerating the net-zero transition

The shift to a net-zero economy is underway. Those who act boldly today to lower emissions and create value will become tomorrow’s leaders. The time to accelerate the transition is now.

Insights on the net-zero transition

Reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 – and thus limiting the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels – would involve profound economic and societal shifts. McKinsey analysis offers a window into what it would take across sectors and regions.

Green Africa Series

As a result of its high exposure and vulnerability to climate hazards, a third of the people considered most at risk in the world live in Africa.

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Sustainability Blog

Quick takes on the business of sustainability from our experts at the forefront of today’s trends.

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Automotive powertrain suppliers face a rapidly electrifying future

– More quickly than expected, powertrain electrification is creating both pressure and opportunities for the supplier network.
Executive Briefing

Sustainable and inclusive growth: A weekly briefing

– Insufficient access to healthcare, high-speed internet, and financial services can harm Black communities. Our weekly digest of... McKinsey insights explores that topic and more.

Net-zero underwriting in P&C and the growth at stake

– P&C insurers need to position themselves to capture net-zero transition growth opportunities. Whether by setting net-zero... commitments or responsibly steering the portfolio, the time to act is now.
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Food plight

– Disruptions to the world’s food system are deepening the global food crisis. Efforts by the grocery industry and... consumers can help prevent a worsening scenario.

Top priorities for dairy executives in 2023

– By focusing on growth, resilience, and sustainability, dairy processors have an opportunity to leverage momentum and engage consumers... and customers with a unified story.

Five trends that will define South Korean grocery in 2023

– The ability to respond quickly to evolving consumer preferences could separate market leaders from the pack.

Using sustainability to transform food systems in South Korea

– Now is the time for grocers to develop strategic sustainability plans focused on value creation and think more broadly about the... role they can play in encouraging change across the full value chain.

Similar yet different: Meet today’s consumer of dairy and alternatives

– Five insights from McKinsey’s 2022 US Dairy Consumer Survey reveal how dairy consumption is changing.

What will it take for nuclear power to meet the climate challenge?

– Nuclear power can be an important part of the energy transition. Scaling the industry to meet increasing electricity demand will... require leaders to mobilize quickly and efficiently.

One year into the BIL: Catalyzing US investments in energy

– The legislation provides an opportunity to improve the country’s clean-power infrastructure. More than a year since its... signing, we take stock of announced funding, programs, and the road ahead.

Fleet decarbonization: How an expanding value chain could reshape freight

– Commercial road freight is trailing passenger vehicles on decarbonization. But the economic equation is shifting, with fueling... services and battery recycling emerging as battlegrounds for new opportunities.
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