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The executive’s guide to new-business building

How to master the most important growth game

What’s your superpower? How companies can build an institutional capability to achieve competitive advantage

– One capability often sets leading companies apart from the rest. Here’s how to build yours.

Beyond the anecdote: True drivers of digital-delivery performance

– We’ve leveraged data from more than 1,700 teams to understand the relationship between capabilities and performance outcomes.

Generative AI: Unlocking the future of fashion

– While still nascent, generative AI has the potential to help fashion businesses become more productive, get to market faster,... and serve customers better. The time to explore the technology is now.

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Digital transformation: Rewiring for digital

Explore our collection of insights on how to drive successful digital transformations.
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The Rise of Quantum Computing

Accelerating technological breakthroughs, increasing investment flows, start-up proliferation, and promises of capable quantum... systems by 2030 signal it’s time for business leaders to begin planning their quantum-computing strategies.

The CIO Agenda

Explore our collection of insights on the evolving role of the CIO.

Cloud by McKinsey

The cloud is revolutionizing how businesses create value, but only when tech organizations, and the business, understand how to... use it and change how they operate.

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Generative AI is here: How tools like ChatGPT could change your business

– Generative AI and other foundation models are changing the AI game, taking assistive technology to a new level, reducing application development time, and bringing powerful capabilities to nontechnical users.

The state of AI in 2022—and a half decade in review

– The results of this year’s McKinsey Global Survey on AI show the expansion of the technology’s use since we began... tracking it five years ago, but with a nuanced picture underneath.

Projecting the global value of cloud: $3 trillion is up for grabs for companies that go beyond adoption

– New research reveals where value in the cloud lies—and details scenarios that highlight that cloud adoption alone isn’t... enough.

What matters most? Six priorities for CEOs in turbulent times

– With economic troubles mounting, it’s a time to tighten belts and put on hard hats. But don’t forget the jet pack,... to accelerate into the next phase of growth.

Becoming indispensable: Moving past e-commerce to NeXT commerce

– A successful transition to the next horizon of digital commerce requires companies to get real about being customer first and... make some hard choices.

Tech: Forward

Our short takes on key technology and architecture topics

Industry perspectives


How data can help tech companies thrive amid economic uncertainty

– Amid rising pressure on tech companies to boost performance, better data management can pave the way to sustainable growth.

Resiliency and leadership in uncertain times: An interview with Splunk’s CEO

– Splunk CEO Gary Steele explains how digitization is elevating the topic of resilience to the boardroom and shares his thoughts on successful CEO transitions.

On the brink: Realizing the value of analytics in insurance

– Insurers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa invest significantly in advanced analytics but have unlocked a fraction of the potential value. How do top performers tip the balance in their favor?

Lessons from leaders on green business building

– Gain insights from leaders across industries who have successfully built and scaled green businesses.
Interview - Cloud Value Radio

Focusing on developer experience and embedded security for cloud

– Asurion’s CIO explains how the company’s timely decision to go cloud-first allows the company to move fast, drive value, and stay competitive.

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Banks’ core technology conundrum reaches an inflection point

– The founder and CEO of Thought Machine talks with McKinsey about how advances in cloud-based solutions are helping banks meet the technology challenge.

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Business’s ‘It’s not my problem’ IT problem

– For IT to function better, the business side of the company has to get more involved.

A technology survival guide for resilience

– Resilience means understanding the criticality of a business process, the capability of the underlying technology, the business... impact if the technology fails, and the organization’s risk tolerance.

How to enhance the cybersecurity of operational technology environments

– Cyberattacks on operational technology systems have been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their huge impact... on industrial operations means that organizations must find answers—quickly.

Tokenizing nontraditional assets: A conversation with Ascend Bit’s Brian Clark

– The chief product officer of a Bangkok start-up explains his company’s mission to leverage blockchain innovation for the... mothership.

Entrepreneur First CEO Matt Clifford on early stage talent investing

– One of Europe’s top talent investors talks about his unique approach to backing companies before they exist and how to find... the “edge” in a potential founder.

Managing a cyber risk event: ‘Be a student of a crisis’

– Julia Houston, chief strategy and marketing officer at Equifax Inc., explains how the credit bureau managed one of the biggest... data breaches in history, her learnings, and how cybersecurity is rapidly changing.

The EU digital strategy: The impact of data privacy on global business

– New data regulations from the European Union require organizational attention, and three key steps can help navigate the data... privacy landscape.

Building innovation ecosystems: Accelerating tech hub growth

– Innovation ecosystems can generate economic, financial, and social benefits for all, and there’s new federal funding to... build them. A six-step playbook could help leaders get them right.

The AI-native telco: Radical transformation to thrive in turbulent times

– Artificial intelligence, when deployed at scale, can help telcos protect core revenues and drive margin growth. But capturing... this opportunity will require a wholly different approach.
Interview - Learn to Leap: Green Business Building Edition

How to accelerate innovation in new green business building

– Companies that want to scale quickly must cultivate deep market knowledge and a culture that embraces learning through failure.

John Chambers: ‘Breaking away during the tough times is when the next generation of great companies gets formed’

– Now a venture capitalist, the former CEO of Cisco Systems stresses the need for speed and agility in turbulent times.
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