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Projecting the global value of cloud: $3 trillion is up for grabs for companies that go beyond adoption

New research reveals where value in the cloud lies—and details scenarios that highlight that cloud adoption alone isn’t enough.

Becoming indispensable: Moving past e-commerce to NeXT commerce

– A successful transition to the next horizon of digital commerce requires companies to get real about being customer first and... make some hard choices.

New-business building in 2022: Driving growth in volatile times

– A new global survey finds that new-business building can boost growth and value. However, to meet revenue expectations in the... future, companies must dramatically increase their efforts.

More for less: Five ways to lower cloud costs without destroying value

– Companies can often find significant savings in their cloud programs—if they know where to look.

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Leadership and digital transformation

Explore our collection of insights on how leadership is evolving to drive successful digital transformations.
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The Rise of Quantum Computing

Accelerating technological breakthroughs, increasing investment flows, start-up proliferation, and promises of capable quantum... systems by 2030 signal it’s time for business leaders to begin planning their quantum-computing strategies.

The CIO Agenda

Explore our collection of insights on the evolving role of the CIO.

Cloud by McKinsey

The cloud is revolutionizing how businesses create value, but only when tech organizations, and the business, understand how to... use it and change how they operate.

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What matters most? Six priorities for CEOs in turbulent times

– With economic troubles mounting, it’s a time to tighten belts and put on hard hats. But don’t forget the jet pack, to accelerate into the next phase of growth.

Digital resilience: Consumer survey finds ample scope for growth

– Opportunities are there for the taking in mobile, new digital services, and improved digital experiences.

Mining for tech-talent gold: Seven ways to find and keep diverse talent

– A wealth of diverse tech talent is available, if companies expand their approach to hiring them.

Data ethics: What it means and what it takes

– Every company must establish its own best practices for managing its data. Here are five pitfalls to avoid based on our conversations... with experts and early adopters.

The green IT revolution: A blueprint for CIOs to combat climate change

– Research shows that the most impact on IT-generated emissions can be found in unexpected places.

Tech: Forward

Our short takes on key technology and architecture topics

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Reshaping retail banks: Enhancing banking for the next digital age

– The current model of universal retail banking is unsustainable over the long term. To thrive, banks need to reinvent themselves, focusing on businesses where they can achieve and extend market leadership in the new digital world.

Building a cybersecurity culture from within: An interview with MongoDB

– MongoDB’s security champions program leadership team discusses how cybersecurity training can create a company-wide culture that prioritizes security and encourages employees to get involved.

The future of automotive computing: Cloud and edge

– The rise of 5G and edge computing will create new opportunities along the automotive supply chain. How can semiconductor companies and other stakeholders capture it?

Resetting the e-commerce model to achieve profitable growth in Europe

– Winning EU consumer goods players are reprioritizing channels and markets to drive online sales, shifting to an online-first playbook, and investing in tech and specialist talent.

What every insurance leader should know about cloud

– Successful cloud migrations depend on knowing where the value for insurance lies in cloud and on business and IT working together.

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Putting the patient first: A conversation with Roche’s Moritz Hartmann

– The global head of information solutions for a leading healthcare provider explains the importance of technological and management innovation in helping to serve patients in new ways.

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Power up: How Southeast Asia’s largest bank is becoming AI-fueled

– DBS’s chief analytics officer explains how MLOps and other efforts are enabling the organization to crack the code on scaling... AI.

Shaping the future of Thai banking: Reinventing purpose to ignite growth

– With new opportunities on the horizon, the Thai banking industry could ignite new growth and invigorate its profitability by redefining... its meaning and purpose, reinventing its traditional role, and making bold and innovative operational changes.

What is exascale computing?

– Exascale is the next milestone in computing. It’s a higher level of computer performance that will have unprecedented impact... on society and the economy.

Why intangibles are the key to faster growth in Europe

– Globally, high-growth companies invest more in intangibles, such as brand, skills, and knowledge. European companies could fuel... greater growth with the same strategy.

The digital revolution is brewing in the industrials sector

– In the coming years, winning companies will prioritize digital to build business resilience through customer-centric innovation,... talent acquisition and retention, and operational excellence.

Democratizing alternative asset investing: A conversation with ADDX’s Oi-Yee Choo

– The CEO of a Singapore fintech explains how her start-up’s cutting-edge technology is opening the door for the mass affluent... to invest in securities once available only to the ultrawealthy.

Digital twins: Flying high, flexing fast

– Digital design and product development can provide new ways to solve complex problems. Getting implementation right means thoughtfully... translating big ideas into boots on the ground.
Interview - Learn to Leap #16

Hyperscaling a fintech start-up: Lessons from Moss

– CEO and cofounder Ante Spittler discusses how an investor observation sparked the creation of a company that is valued at €500... million just two years after launch.

New survey reveals $2 trillion market opportunity for cybersecurity technology and service providers

– Cyberattacks are proliferating, causing trillions of dollars of damage every year. The cybersecurity industry has a chance to... step up and seize the opportunity.

Tech at the edge: Trends reshaping the future of IT and business

– With technological change accelerating, companies need to make four fundamental shifts.

How to build a unicorn: Lessons from venture capitalists and start-ups

– New data highlights five things incumbent businesses could learn from venture capitalists and unicorns.
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