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Digital transformation: Rewiring for digital and AI

Explore our collection of insights on how to drive successful digital transformations.

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The McKinsey guide to outcompeting in the age of digital and AI

The EU digital strategy: The impact of data privacy on global business

– New data regulations from the European Union require organizational attention, and three key steps can help navigate the data... privacy landscape.

Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage

– To remain competitive in technological growth and innovation, Europe must recruit and retain women for the fastest-growing tech... roles of the foreseeable future.

Digital transformations: The five talent factors that matter most

– Setting up a winning digital and advanced-analytics organization is hard. Decisions about talent and technology will often determine... the transformation’s success.
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Industry perspectives


On the brink: Realizing the value of analytics in insurance

– Insurers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa invest significantly in advanced analytics but have unlocked a fraction of the... potential value. How do top performers tip the balance in their favor?

Clearing data-quality roadblocks: Unlocking AI in manufacturing

– An agile, data-centric approach can help clean and enrich data needed for machine learning. To move forward, manufacturers need... to set up the right teams with the right tools.

Unlocking the industrial potential of robotics and automation

– Results from the 2022 McKinsey Global Industrial Robotics Survey reveal that industrial companies are set to spend heavily on... robotics and automation. However, many will need help to complete the journey.

Digital transformations in energy retail: A shift toward advanced platforms

– More energy retailers are transforming their digital platforms to cut costs and to stay competitive. We explore approaches to... platform transformation and key questions to consider before embarking on a transformation journey.

Getting digital transformation right in resource-heavy industries

– Eight core principles can help companies in the energy, oil and gas, basic materials, and utilities sectors achieve successful... digital transformations.



How LEGO plays with data: An interview with chief data officer Orlando Machado

– The iconic toymaker is unlocking the value from data to help rethink processes, surface new opportunities, excite consumers, and... empower internal colleagues.

Digital transformation on the CEO agenda

– Successful digital transformations may not be as elusive as you think. The best CEOs know up front what success looks like—and... what stands in their way.

The Committed Innovator: An interview with Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo

– When a marketing executive discovered an unexpected market opportunity, she disrupted the company’s original business—and... became CEO in the process.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Using ecosystems to reach higher: An interview with the co-CEO of Ping An

– Expect digital to further blur industry lines, supercharge scalability, and loosen geographical restraints for professional services,... says Jessica Tan.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

How the CEO of Samsung SDS sets a course for ‘humble and speedy’

– Won-Pyo Hong, CEO of Samsung’s information- and communications-technology arm, explains how a collaborative approach helps... his South Korea–based company drive digital transformations globally.

Building a digital New York Times: CEO Mark Thompson

– Thompson looks back on an eight-year tenure that has transformed a 170-year-old news brand into a global, digital-subscription-first... powerhouse—and at what lies ahead for its new leadership.

Transformation and resilience: An interview with Best Buy’s executive chairman Hubert Joly

– Hubert Joly shares lessons from leading the turnaround of the retail and technology giant and how it prepared him and the company... for the current crisis.
Interview - Fast Times

Make a digital vision real by learning and adapting along the way

– Investing in people and role-modeling the company’s vision creates a culture where employees do their best work because... they feel confident about making appropriately bold moves and have a willingness to make mistakes and learn from them.

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Generative AI is here: How tools like ChatGPT could change your business

– Generative AI and other foundation models are changing the AI game, taking assistive technology to a new level, reducing application... development time, and bringing powerful capabilities to nontechnical users.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Every company is a software company: Six ‘must dos’ to succeed

– As software transforms every industry, leaders must turn to a new playbook.

The digital-value guardian: CEOs and digital transformations

– The CEO is ultimately the only one who can shape and guide a successful digital transformation. Here’s the playbook.

Scaling AI like a tech native: The CEO’s role

– Embedding AI across an enterprise to tap its full business value requires shifting from bespoke builds to an industrialized AI... factory. MLOps can help, but the CEO must facilitate it.
Executive Briefing

How boards can help digital transformations

– Boards can add value to their business’s digital transformation in five specific areas.

How do you measure success in digital? Five metrics for CEOs

– As organizations launch more and more digital initiatives, CEOs must monitor whether they are delivering business results. These... metrics are ones to watch.

The CEO’s new technology agenda

– Technology performance has become critical to business success. Here’s how a CEO can focus the technology function on a... company’s strategic priorities.

A CEO guide for avoiding the ten traps that derail digital transformations

– Transforming your business has risks. Successful leaders know how to spot them and avoid them.