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CPG operations—How to win in a rapidly changing environment

– This compendium summarizes current trends in the consumer-goods sector, its implications for supply chains, and how leaders are... adapting to the challenging environment, both from the end-to-end perspective and within each of the relevant functions.

McKinsey on Consumer and Retail Podcast: Insights from experts on business and management

McKinsey experts discuss the latest trends and the most pressing challenges for leaders in the retail and consumer-goods industries.... Hear about the immediate and longer-term moves that matter most for business success. Topics covered include strategy, technology, marketing, operations, and organization.

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Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Black representation in the beauty industry

– Black beauty consumers and brands face deep challenges when it comes to equity. Removing those barriers can lead to greater opportunity for everyone in the industry.

Playing offense on circularity can net European consumer goods companies €500 billion

– European consumer goods companies that adopt a circular business model view extending product life through repair, resale, refurbishment,... and recycling as an opportunity for growth rather than a threat.

Are personalized vitamins the future of wellness?

– Two fast-growing vitamin companies, HUM Nutrition and Vous Vitamin, are betting on personalization. Listen to their CEOs discuss... the biggest trends in consumer health and wellness.

Perspectives on consumer health and wellness

This collection explores trends, consumer attitudes, and implications for companies in the global wellness market, focusing on... six categories: health, fitness, nutrition, appearance, mindfulness, and sleep.

How US consumers are feeling, shopping, and spending—and what it means for companies

– The latest Consumer Pulse survey shows that, across America, people have simultaneously embraced new behaviors and reverted to... old ones. What will they do next?

Creating good packaging for packaged goods

– The e-commerce boom, widespread concerns about sustainability, and the digitization trend are spurring innovation in the packaging... industry. Many consumer products will soon be in packages that are stronger, sustainable, and smart.

How to thrive in the global wellness market

– Consumers everywhere plan to spend more on products and services that improve their health and wellness. Here’s what that... means for companies.

How to prepare for a sustainable future along the value chain

– Consumer-goods companies are setting ambitious sustainability targets for themselves. To reach those targets, however, changes... are required along the entire value chain—with a concrete road map.

Supply chain steps up: An interview with Kimberly-Clark’s Shane Azzi

– What is it like to steer one of the world’s largest consumer supply chains through a pandemic?

Making the shift to sustainable and inclusive growth

Explore insights on the new era of growth—one that doesn’t treat growth and positive impact as opposing forces

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Generation Z

Understanding Gen Z can help retailers, marketers, and leaders seeking to build and maintain sustainable businesses that meet next-generation needs. Explore a special collection to gain insight on Generation Z, and what its rise means for work and society.

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Probing reality and myth in the metaverse

– Despite some skepticism, our recent insights show that Americans of all ages are ready to embrace the metaverse.

Operations as a competitive advantage in a disruptive environment

This collection weaves together the latest developments within the consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) operations sector, with a honed... focus on operational excellence best practices.

Winning with commercial excellence: Ten lessons for consumer goods

– Our latest research shows how leading consumer goods companies build the critical commercial capabilities to out-execute the competition... and drive profitable growth.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Black representation in the beauty industry

– Black beauty consumers and brands face deep challenges when it comes to equity. Removing those barriers can lead to greater opportunity... for everyone in the industry.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Meet the Black beauty execs

– Creating a path to a more... equitable beauty market for Black brands represents a $2.6 billion opportunity. McKinsey talked to four founders and entrepreneurs who are leading the way.

The state of grocery retail in Mexico

– The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed shopper behavior, forcing Mexican grocers to change their online commerce game. Can... they create a lasting competitive advantage?

How to stay cool as competition heats up in ice cream and yogurt

– Ice cream and yogurt industry leaders are rethinking innovation and consumer segmentation to keep pace in marketplaces changing... faster than ever before.

Marketing to the multifaceted Black consumer

– To attract Black consumers, brands must demonstrate quality, social mission, and good value.

Taking the pulse of the US consumer

– According to the latest Consumer Pulse survey, people across America are changing their shopping behaviors—and will continue... to do so. Companies need to pay close attention.

The next horizon for grocery e-commerce: Beyond the pandemic bump

– Consumers will increasingly shop for groceries online in the years ahead. Retailers must make a series of strategic investments... to keep pace.

The next frontier in consumer goods: Digitally enabled innovation

– Four lessons to guide the industry’s innovation transformations.
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