Our Research

Our research is powered by our interconnected suite of models and best represents our latest view on energy markets. Our reference case, which is refined and validated with McKinsey’s oil and gas practice, provides a “most likely” view of long-term market trends to help you understand changing market conditions and their impact on your business.

Global Energy Perspective 2019

The Global Energy Perspective Reference Case provides our consensus view on how energy demand will evolve to 2050.

Global Oil Supply & Demand Outlook to 2035

Oil supply and demand perspective with balances to 2035 and macro outlooks on global oil prices.

Global Energy Perspective: Accelerated Transition

Our outlook reviews eight potential shifts that could accelerate the energy transition—from faster uptake of electric vehicles to accelerated cost reduction for renewables—and the impact each shift could have on annual oil, gas, coal, and power demand to 2050.

Global Gas & LNG Outlook to 2035

The Global Gas & LNG Outlook is our biannual view on how global gas & LNG markets will evolve towards 2035.

Global Downstream Outlook to 2030 

The Global Downstream Outlook is our biannual view on how global and regional refining markets will evolve to the year 2030.

North American Gas Outlook to 2030

North American gas demand, supply, and price outlook to 2030.

North American Shale Oil Outlook to 2025

A bi-annual view on the evolution of the North American shale oil market to 2025.