Helping the industry navigate the energy transition

We’re facing a dramatically different energy future than what we might’ve anticipated just a few years ago. By 2035, global energy demand is expected to plateau, and economic growth and global energy demand will be decoupled for the first time in history. With that in mind, how can organizations prepare?

Our recent Global Energy Perspective Reference Case puts forward our perspective on how energy demand might evolve over the next few decades. Our key findings have sweeping implications across various sectors as they navigate the energy transition. In particular, we expect to see OECD countries experience a decline in energy demand due to investment in greener, more efficient sources of energy. At the same time, oil demand is projected to slow and peak in the early 2030s, while coal use falls out of favor as renewables become the cheaper option.

These radical changes to the global energy landscape can be challenging to respond to and anticipate. For more on the implications, please download our latest Global Energy Perspective.

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