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Davos 2024: Reflections

Insights related to Davos themes

Image of a 3D sphere deconstructed in slices.

Geopolitics and the geometry of global trade

Illustration featuring a silhouette of a woman's head with a sunrise and cloud multiple exposure background.
Report - McKinsey Health Institute
Closing the women’s health gap: A $1 trillion opportunity to improve lives and economies
Image of polygon digital network lines forming the shape of a strong arm.
Article - MGI Research
Accelerating Europe: Competitiveness for a new era
Glowing orbs floating in middle of space - stock illustration
2024 and beyond: Will it be economic stagnation or the advent of productivity-driven abundance?
3-D globe with people people scattered around, forming the land.
Climate Transition Impact Framework: Essential elements for an equitable and inclusive transition
Image of a person wearing tech glasses and a lab coat looking at a tablet.
What matters most? Eight CEO priorities for 2024
Young girl with buttress roots in a jungle in Okinawa, Japan
The role of public–private–philanthropic partnerships in driving climate and nature transitions
Two arms extend toward the middle of the image with a turning globe cradled in their hands. Two large leaves stretch out from either side of the arms and softly move as if in a breeze. The image resembles a flower, with the outstretched arms the stalk and the ring of people the petals.
Report - MGI Research
From poverty to empowerment: Raising the bar for sustainable and inclusive growth
Light dots and lines evolve into a pattern of a human face and continue to stream off the the side in a moving grid pattern.
The economic potential of generative AI: The next productivity frontier


A two-lane road running though a dense and dark forest. Light breaks though the misty air and illuminates a patch of road up ahead.

Building a resilient tomorrow: Concrete actions for global leaders

The Global Cooperation Barometer 2024
10 ways the world can improve access to minerals for the energy transition
Why businesses are waking up to the threat of nature-related risks
Biodiversity credits: Demand drivers and guidance on early use
Securing critical minerals for energy transition requires collective action
Circularity in the Built Environment: Maximizing CO2 abatement and business opportunities

Our updates from Davos

Insights related to McKinsey–WEF Collaborations

Circle of blue chairs

What is Davos?


Our core team

Bob Sternfels
Global Managing PartnerBay Area
Bob serves as the global managing partner of McKinsey & Company
Daniel Pacthod
Senior PartnerNew York
Global coleader of McKinsey Sustainability; helps leading organizations decarbonize, transform their core businesses, hyperscale...
Tracy Francis
Senior Partner, and Managing Partner, Latin AmericaSão Paulo
Partners with leaders of bold transformations, managing partner Latin America

2024 Delegation

Liz Hilton Segel
Senior PartnerNew York
Counsels CEOs and aligns with their teams and broader organizations to build new capabilities and businesses with a focus on...
Homayoun Hatami
Senior PartnerParis
Helping companies drive above-market growth through innovation, new business building, technology, and novel marketing and sales...
Sven Smit
Senior Partner, and Chair of Insights and Ecosystems, and Chair of McKinsey Global InstituteAmsterdam
Leads research on economic and business trends and works with companies to develop business strategies and transformations
Gautam Kumra
Senior Partner, and Chair, Asia (ex-China)Singapore
Chairman of McKinsey’s offices in Asia; helps McKinsey’s clients in Asia create change that matters, by building leading institutions...
Massimo Giordano
Senior Partner, and Managing Partner, EuropeMilan
Leads our activities in Europe, advising major institutions and leading companies on a broad range of issues, with a particular...
Joe Ngai
Senior Partner, and Chair, ChinaHong Kong
Leads the firm’s offices in Greater China; brings deep knowledge of China’s financial institutions and markets and extensive...

Young Global Leaders on Davos 2024

collage of young global leaders attending Davos 2024

World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders

Megan Greenfield
Partner, Boston
Shelley Stewart
Partner, Boston
Partner, Tokyo

World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Alumni

Gassan Al-Kibsi
Senior Partner and Chair, Middle East
Rima Assi
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Abu Dhabi
Senior Partner, Munich
Pierre M. Gentin
Senior Partner and Chief Legal Officer, New York
Solveigh Hieronimus
Senior Partner, Munich
Bengi Korkmaz
Partner, Istanbul
Bengi Korkmaz
Alok Kshirsagar
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Acha Leke
Senior Partner, Johannesburg
Partner, Philadelphia
Raju Narisetti
Leader, Global Publishing, New York
Raju Narisetti

Davos archives

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