A new set of forces buffeting our industry foretell, perhaps, a significant restructuring of our sector. While challenges to healthcare affordability and access, and industry economics abound, so too do opportunities for rapid, at-scale innovation to improve the future of care.

Part 1

Mounting pressures


The gathering storm: The threat to employee healthcare benefits

– US inflationary pressures could significantly raise annual employer healthcare costs and impact vulnerable household finances.

The gathering storm: The uncertain future of US healthcare

– Forces are acting to challenge affordability and access in healthcare and threatening the industry’s economic outlook. At-scale... innovation is key to filling the gaps.

The gathering storm: The transformative impact of inflation on the healthcare sector

– Inflation is at record highs and is now blowing through healthcare.

The gathering storm: The affordability challenge of endemic COVID-19

– Even as the acute threat to lives from the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, the ongoing challenges for the healthcare industry will... persist.

Part 2

Opportunities to thrive


What to expect in US healthcare in 2023 and beyond

– Recent developments have complicated the outlook for industry profit pools.

The gathering storm in US healthcare: How leaders can respond and thrive

– Forces are converging to challenge healthcare affordability and access, and industry economics. Opportunities abound for leaders... to drive rapid, at-scale innovation to usher in a brighter future.

The gathering storm: An opportunity to reorder the healthcare industry

– Leaders will redesign their organizations for speed, accelerate productivity improvements, reshape their portfolio and innovate... new business models, and reallocate constrained resources.

The future of US healthcare: What’s next for the industry post-COVID-19

– Shifts in profit pools will accelerate, spurring likely business model changes in three areas—diversification, vertical... integration, and new business building.

The next frontier of care delivery in healthcare

– McKinsey explores the latest evolution in healthcare and key changes facing US organizations around care delivery.

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