Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lighthouses 2023

– Leaders need clarity on what works to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our 2023 report shows success factors that contributed to significant, quantifiable, scalable, and sustainable DEI impact.

Global Parity Alliance: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lighthouses 2023

This report lays out the five success factors that emerged from the Lighthouse Program and shares eight case studies of initiatives.

Latin America 2022: Socioeconomic diversity in the workplace matters

How companies can take action towards equity and inclusion

The state of diversity in global private markets: 2022

– New research captures regional differences in the state of diversity in private equity and discusses the role of institutional investors as a catalyst for change.

Tracking diversity, equity, and inclusion data in private markets

– Institutional investors and private equity firms can implement some basic but crucial best practices to measure progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Our future lives and livelihoods: Sustainable and inclusive and growing

– Growth for all, growth for good. Here, we offer a proposal for business, government, and society leaders.

Beyond gender: Promoting diversity in French companies

– French companies want executives with diverse national origins and socioeconomic backgrounds. But they have had uneven success... in achieving this goal.

The economic state of Latinos in America: The American dream deferred

– Addressing the barriers preventing Latinos from full economic participation could have a multitrillion-dollar impact, further... unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit, creating millions of jobs, driving consumer spending, and building intergenerational wealth.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Being transgender at work

– Although corporate America has stepped up its public support of LGBTQ+ rights, it still has a long road ahead to foster a truly... inclusive environment for transgender employees.

Closing the gender gap in Central and Eastern Europe

– Empowering women in the workplace could unlock significant economic growth in the region.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

The economic state of Black America: What is and what could be

– Closing racial gaps across the economy is not only about righting historic wrongs. It is also about choosing a more dynamic future... and realizing the full potential of a massively underutilized source of talent, to the benefit of all Americans.

Unlocking experience-based job progressions for millions of workers

– Millions of US workers without four-year college degrees are unemployed. Novel data analytics reveal opportunities for them to... attain better jobs than they had before the pandemic if there’s action to build a more inclusive economy.

Unequal America: Ten insights on the state of economic opportunity

– The inaugural McKinsey American Opportunity Survey spotlights Americans’ views on economic opportunity, the obstacles they... face, and the path ahead to create a more inclusive economy.

Black representation in film and TV: The challenges and impact of increasing diversity

– New research reveals the barriers that Black talent in the film and TV industry faces, the economic fallout, and solutions for... creating a more inclusive, equitable workplace.

Race in the workplace: The Black experience in the US private sector

– Advancing racial equity in the workplace is a system-level challenge—ranging from the structural inequities of geography to underrepresentation... in industries and jobs that could create additional opportunity to the behaviors of the workplace itself.
Article - McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility

America 2021: The opportunity to advance racial equity

– To America’s leaders, innovators, and changemakers: the task of building a more perfect society needs your help.
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Understanding barriers to a more inclusive workplace

Many employees want their organizations to do more to advance inclusion and diversity. To do so, companies can address four factors.

How the social contract has changed in the 21st century

The McKinsey Global Institute takes an in-depth look at 22 advanced economies in Asia, Europe, and North America.


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if gender gap is narrowed by 2025


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Stories about our people

Diversity at work: Conversations on identity

– What does diversity look like at work? And what is it like to be a part of that diversity? Colleagues discuss the complexity of convergent identities, and how allies everywhere can offer support.

Making It Work: On giving birth during the pandemic—and returning from maternity leave with a renewed sense of urgency

– This month we’re talking to several McKinsey women about how they’ve made it work over the last year—the surprising challenges, unexpected joys, and how the last 12 months have shaped their outlook on life and work.

Mapping the Black experience in film and TV

– Meet Nony Onyeador, a McKinsey consultant and writer at heart whose research aims to help create change in the entertainment industry.

What will it take to get more women into tech careers?

– This International Women’s Day, we share an early look at our new series featuring conversations with top women in STEM.

At our first Hispanic and Latino Economic Forum, leaders unite to focus on jobs

More than 50 leaders from ten countries and multiple industries gathered in Washington, DC, to explore research and connect over shared experiences.

A McKinsey LGBTQ+ leader who’s helping to build a global alliance

Meet one of the driving forces behind The Alliance, our firm's annual forum for leading LGBTQ+ executives.

The women behind Women in the Workplace

As the largest study of women's experiences in corporate America turns five, the team who started it all reflects on how it began, the progress made so far, and what’s next.