Advanced Manufacturing

As the advanced manufacturing sector restarts, employee safety and an understanding of the public-health and economic crises are crucial. This World Economic Forum – McKinsey industry action group focuses on strengthening supply chains and building resilience in the next normal.

Key themes


Safeguard the workforce

Manage risks

Ensure business continuity

Drive productivity

Ensure productive operations at a distance



The manufacturers lighting a path to sustainable growth

– Amid disruption, lighthouses have unlocked hidden capacity, widened new revenue streams, and gained market share—all while engaging workers and increasing sustainability. And at surprisingly low cost.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and manufacturing’s great reset

– Manufacturers that are ahead in scaling advanced production technologies are successfully navigating four durable shifts that are critical to managing unprecedented disruption.

Industry’s fast-mover advantage: Enterprise value from digital factories

– Manufacturing’s leaders in applying Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) digital technologies are building on their head start—generating even more value across the entire enterprise.

Digital technology and sustainability at Henkel

– Operational excellence is lowering costs and emissions at a “lighthouse” manufacturer.

Jump-starting resilient and reimagined operations

– COVID-19 has created an imperative for companies to reconfigure their operations, and an opportunity to transform them.

World Economic Forum – McKinsey Collaborations

Global Lighthouse Network: Four durable shifts for a Great Reset in manufacturing

– Four durable shifts—agility and customer centricity, supply chain resilience, speed and productivity, and eco-efficiency—have emerged as key requirements for industrials in manufacturing and supply chain to be ready to undergo the Great Reset.

Ramping up operations and business activity post-COVID-19

– Four strategic actions can help companies to effectively prepare and ensure a successful ramp-up of production and business activity for a post-COVID-19 world.

Resuming operations and business activity post-COVID-19

– Perspectives on how companies can return to work and resume operations and business activity as early as possible, while ensuring employees’ safety and preventing new infections.

Global Lighthouse Network: Insights from the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution

– This paper looks closer at 14 “Lighthouse” manufacturers that show how end-to-end innovation in the value chain can improve productivity, operating cost, and speed to market.

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