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Office Leadership

Our offices in more than 65 countries are led by a group of senior partners across six regions: Asia (ex-China), Greater China, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Working closely with McKinsey location managers in more than 130 cities, these leaders ensure the best of our global firm reaches our local clients and communities.

Asia (Ex-China)

Asia (ex-China) 

Gautam Kumra

Senior Partner, Gurugram
Australia & New Zealand

Wesley Walden

Senior Partner, Melbourne

Rajat Dhawan

Senior Partner, Gurugram

Naoyuki Iwatani

Senior Partner, Tokyo

Seungheon Song

Senior Partner, Seoul
Southeast Asia

Kaushik Das

Senior Partner, Singapore

Greater China

Greater China

Joe Ngai

Senior Partner, Hong Kong

Eastern Europe, Middle East, & Africa

Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EEMA)

Gassan Al-Kibsi

Senior Partner, Middle East

Luis Cunha

Senior Partner, Johannesburg

Sinan Koksoy

Senior Partner, Turkey
Middle East

Hasan Muzaffar

Senior Partner, Dubai



Magnus Tyreman

Senior Partner, Stockholm
Central Europe

Jurica Novak

Senior Partner, Warsaw

Clarisse Magnin-Mallez

Senior Partner, Paris

Fabian Billing

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf

Duarte Braga

Senior Partner, Madrid

Massimo Giordano

Senior Partner, Milan
Belgium, Luxembourg  & the Netherlands

Reinout Goedvolk

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Brussels and Luxembourg

Jeremie Sneessons

Senior Partner, Brussels

Fredrik Dahlqvist

Senior Partner, Stockholm
UK, Ireland, and Israel Office (UKIIO)

Tunde Olanrewaju

Senior Partner, London

Michael Steinmann

Senior Partner, Zurich

Latin America

Latin America

Fernando Ferrari-Haines

Senior Partner, Bogotá

Reinaldo Fiorini

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Spanish-speaking Latin America

Francisco Ortega

Senior Partner, Buenos Aires

North America

North America

Asutosh Padhi

Senior Partner, Chicago

Rob Palter

Senior Partner, Toronto

Marina Cigarini

Senior Partner, Mexico City
United States

Aaron Aboagye

Partner, Detroit
United States

Ashwin Adarkar

Senior Partner, Southern California
United States

Tiffany Burns

Senior Partner, Atlanta
United States

Sarah Calkins Holloway

Senior Partner, Seattle
United States

Brandon Carrus

Senior Partner, Cleveland
United States

Tony D’Emidio

Partner, Washington DC
United States

Anton Derkach

Senior Partner, Houston
United States

Alex Dichter

Senior Partner, Boston
United States

André Dua

Senior Partner, Miami
United States

Nora Gardner

Senior Partner, Washington DC
United States

Jocelyn Grahame

Senior Partner, New Jersey
United States

Mike Kerlin

Partner, Philadelphia
United States

Gunjan Khanna

Senior Partner, Pittsburgh
United States

Tom Kilroy

Senior Partner, Chicago
United States

Paul Kolter

Senior Partner, Austin
United States

Alexis Krivkovich

Senior Partner, Bay Area
United States

Audrey Lucas

Senior Partner, Minneapolis
United States

Kevin Neher

Senior Partner, Denver
United States

Darryl Piasecki

Partner, St. Louis
United States

David Pralong

Senior Partner, Charlotte
United States

Stefano Redaelli

Senior Partner, Stamford
United States

Yael Taqqu

Senior Partner, New York
United States

Kelly Ungerman

Senior Partner, Dallas

Meet more of our leadership

Shareholders Council

The Shareholders Council functions as our firm’s global board of directors, setting the strategic direction and policies of the firm. It includes the managing partner, plus 30 senior partners who are elected by their peers to serve three-year terms.

Acceleration Team

Our Acceleration Team is a global leadership body that accelerates the delivery of our client service and people mission. The team connects leaders of regions and key capabilities, such as People & Diversity, Risk & Resilience, and Finance, to support our firm’s performance and health.

Practice Leadership

Our practices serve clients across most capabilities and industries. The global leaders of each are responsible for delivering client impact, developing knowledge and capabilities, innovating, and developing our people. They work closely with regional leaders and many others to deliver positive, enduring change to our clients and stakeholders.