Our People

Daniel Aminetzah
Senior PartnerNew York
Advises global agricultural and specialty chemicals companies—along with investors in the sector—on corporate strategy, M&A,...
Arnau Bages-Amat
Brings deep B2B pricing and commercial expertise to companies in the industrial, technology, chemical, and healthcare sectors
Aamer Baig
Senior PartnerChicago
Helps companies use digital technologies to drive innovation, transform customer experience, and improve productivity, while...
Eren Cetinkaya
Co-leads our work in petrochemicals globally. In addition, he works with his clients across the world in petrochemicals, oil...
Ryan Davies
Senior PartnerWashington DC
Helps clients execute large-scale transformations to create substantial and enduring improvements in organizational performance...
Nicolas Denis
Advises government institutions on sustainable economic development and serves leading companies in agribusiness, fisheries,...
Obi Ezekoye
Helps companies in the global energy and materials sectors build strategies, deals, and products that fuel value creation
Wenting Gao
Associate PartnerHouston
Works with energy and chemical clients as well as investors on sustainability strategy and green growth efforts
Avinash Goyal
Senior PartnerMumbai
Helps chemical and agriculture companies meet the challenges of a rapidly changing sector, taking a global, data-driven perspective...
Chris Hagedorn
Senior PartnerSt Louis
Leader in McKinsey’s Transformation Practice, where he designs and executes comprehensive transformations, including M&A integration...
Maya Horii
Senior PartnerTokyo
Advises public sector agencies on economic development, digital and sustainability transformation, and partners with Japanese...
Sven Houthuys
Advises and serves consumer-packaged-goods and energy-sector companies, with a focus on digital, capability building, large-scale...
Thomas Hundertmark
Senior PartnerHouston
Advises leading energy and industrial companies on creating value from strategic transformations, step-change programs, and sustainability...
Kartik Jayaram
Senior PartnerNairobi
Focuses on sustainability and economic development
Parimol Karnchanachari
Leads our chemical work in Southeast Asia and advises global energy and materials companies on the strategic, commercial, and...
Freek Kelkensberg
Helps set strategy and drive performance transformations for companies in industrial sectors
Alexander Klei
Leads our industrial sector in Switzerland and helps companies develop winning strategies, effectively manage and integrate M&A,...
Jan Koeleman
Supports leading organizations in the energy and materials sectors. Helps clients improve returns on invested capital through...
Soenke Lehmitz
Senior PartnerStamford
Uses his expertise in B2B marketing and sales to support clients across the chemicals industry
Anna Littmann
Designs and implements company-wide performance transformations with a focus on the chemical, agricultural, and healthcare industries...
Chantal Lorbeer
PartnerNew York
Drives strategy, growth transformations, M&A, and diversity and inclusion in chemicals; partners with ambitious chemical-industry...
Kun Lueck
Brings marketing and sales expertise to agricultural, chemical, and oil-field services and equipment companies in North America...
Laura Millroy
Guides technology-enabled transformations for chemicals and biotechnology companies, employing digital and analytics approaches...
Marco Moder
Advises leaders in chemicals, energy, and other industrial sectors in setting effective growth strategies, boosting functional...
Olivier Noterdaeme
Senior PartnerBrussels
Coleads QuantumBlack, a McKinsey company; serves clients in asset-heavy industries by leveraging advanced analytics
Dr. Christoph Schmitz
Senior PartnerFrankfurt
Leads global capital excellence work by helping clients optimize portfolios, design projects, and improve execution. He supports...
Noppamas Sivakriskul
Senior Partner and Managing PartnerBangkok
Leads our digital business-building work in Southeast Asia and advises B2B and B2C companies across the continent
Ken Somers
Brings a wealth of operational expertise to help clients in manufacturing industries decarbonize, increase yields, and achieve...
Rebecca Somers
Trusted by clients for her extensive knowledge of the global chemical market – from asset production and operations to distribution...
Roberto Uchoa
Senior PartnerChicago
Roberto leads cross-practice efforts between our Agriculture and Sustainability practices, as well as our consumer operations...
Fransje van der Marel
Senior PartnerAmsterdam
Drives sustainable resilient growth at energy, chemicals and industrial companies
Jeremy Wallach
Uses his expertise in chemicals to help build businesses and evaluate opportunities in circularity and sustainability
John Warner
Senior PartnerOhio - Cleveland
Coleads the firm’s Global Energy and Materials Practice.
Ulrich Weihe
Senior PartnerFrankfurt
Provides guidance on Strategy, M&A, Restructuring and Transformation, R&D and Merger Management for chemical, biotech and process...
Thomas Weskamp
Senior PartnerCologne
Leads our work in Specialty Chemicals; provides expertise on strategy, portfolio assessment, functional excellence, M&A, and...
Georg Winkler
Senior PartnerBerlin
Advises companies in business-to-business industries, particularly the chemicals sector, as they set new strategies and boost...
Marco Ziegler
Senior PartnerZurich
Serves companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and advanced industries, with a particular focus on operations, sustainability,...