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Georg Winkler

Senior PartnerBerlin

Advises companies in business-to-business industries, particularly the chemicals sector, as they set new strategies and boost commercial performance

Georg coleads our specialty chemicals and global B2B pricing work. Since joining McKinsey, he has helped manufacturing companies in business-to-business sectors pursue large-scale transformations while harnessing the power of digital platforms. With a focus on commercial performance, he also helps executives improve pricing, design go-to market strategies, and achieve stronger margins.

Previously based in Scandinavia and China, Georg has developed particularly deep experience helping global petrochemical and specialty chemical companies unlock new sources of value and improve financial performance. Key to this effort has been using advanced analytics to drive smarter pricing decisions and to boost return on sales.

To ensure that pricing performance improvements are sustainable, Georg recently championed the development of an integrated client offering including a cloud-based pricing platform, a global network of advanced analytics pricing experts, and an accompanying program to help executives build capabilities and change mind-sets.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • supporting a leading global B2B distributor on a major acquisition from due diligence and negotiation to deal closure and integration, including setting up an integration management office
  • helping a global B2B distributor improve earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) performance by designing and implementing two regional transformation programs, which included an organizational redesign, network restructuring, and operational and commercial improvements
  • advising a major specialty chemicals company on a regional strategic review that led to the subsequent divestment of core parts of the business
  • establishing an advanced analytics center of excellence to implement dynamic pricing, predictive churn, cross and upsell, and lead generation for a major B2B company, resulting in a substantial boost in return on sales
  • helping a global specialty chemicals company implement dynamic pricing approaches across multiple divisions including setting up regional pricing offices and processes, hiring analytical talent, and driving mind-set change at all levels of the organization
  • leading a regional turnaround program for a petrochemicals company, including finding commercial quick wins, redesigning the go-to-market approach, and using transactional pricing approaches to boost EBITDA
  • developing and leading commercial transformation programs for two divisions of a leading global specialty chemicals company

Interested in tracking sector dynamics and sharing best practices, Georg publishes frequently. He is fluent in German and English.

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Helsinki University of Technology
MS, technology, industrial engineering and management