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US State Government Transitions

Our US State Transitions initiative offers a comprehensive set of resources to support state and local government leaders. 
From more than 50 years of serving government officials in more than 30 US states, we’ve gathered insights to help leaders set up an effective government, tackle their highest priorities, and improve the lives of their constituents.

Our Approach

Manage, aspire, organize, plan, de-risk, and deliver

As you prepare to take office, there’s a lot to think about—but not much time to get things done. Our approach guides you through a six-step process:

Manage. Shape, design, and manage your transition team

Aspire. Set your vision for what you want to accomplish

Organize. Build your future administration, hire your staff, and set them up for success

Plan. Define your path to success and how you will measure impact

De-risk. Identify key risks and set a plan to prevent and mitigate them

Deliver. Implement your plans and empower your government to deliver to its citizens


Words of Wisdom: Lessons from those who have done it before

McKinsey asked governors, former governors, and their top advisors to share their personal transition experience. Hear about their journeys, including how they executed their transitions, built teams, set agendas, and began to govern. Learn from their recommendations about organizing a 21st-century administration. Our thanks to the National Governors Association for convening these leaders and organizing interviews with them.

Featured insights


How to lead a successful government transition

– The government transition period between an outgoing and an incoming government leader is a remarkable opportunity to capitalize on the momentum of the election and lay the foundation for success. A six-step approach can set an incoming administration on the right path.

Delivering for citizens: How to triple the success rate of government transformations

– An increase in the number of successful government transformations could help solve society’s greatest challenges, serve citizens better, and support the more productive use of public resources.

Advice from Silicon Valley: How tech-sector practices can promote innovation in government

– Public-sector leaders recently met with leaders from the region’s most innovative companies to learn about their culture of innovation firsthand. Here’s what they heard.

What CEOs can teach the next US president

– While the scale of managing an entire country differs in a number of ways from managing a company, there are lessons the next US president can glean from the CEO transition period.

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