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Jonathan K. Law

Senior Partner, New York
Serves a range of public sector and philanthropic clients, with particular emphasis on economic development, innovative social finance, and organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency

About Jonathan

Jonathan K. Law is a Partner in McKinsey & Company’s New York office. Since joining the Firm in 2001, he has worked with clients in the public sector and in philanthropy on topics related to economic development, higher education, infrastructure, innovative social finance, and organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency. Recent projects have included:

Economic Development:

  • Developing the long-range comprehensive strategic plan for one of the largest cities in the US to promote economic growth, equity, sustainability, and resiliency
  • Creating and implementing an economic development plan for a Rust Belt city to turn around its struggling economy that has led to the city’s lowest unemployment rate since the recession, $10 billion in private investment, and the creation of 11,000 jobs within 2 years

Higher education:

  • Designing the 10-year strategy and investment plan for one of the largest state universities in the country with the aspiration to transform it into a leading public university in the US
  • Working with one of the largest state university systems in the US to design the nation’s leading digital degree offerings with the goal of advancing the state’s economy
  • Supporting one of the largest urban public university systems in the US to improve its administrative operations, identifying $100+ million to reinvest in academic initiatives


  • Supporting a large US state in its reconstruction efforts after one of the worst weather events in its history, including designing a $750 million program to promote resilience and economic development across over 40 communities
  • Redesigning the planning and budgeting process for one of the largest states with a capital budget of over $10 billion per year
  • Identifying efficiencies in capital project delivery for one of the largest US states with over 20 projects of value greater than $100 million

Organizational effectiveness and operational efficiency in the public and social sectors:

  • Designing and standing up the largest state government shared services center in the US, which will have ~2,000 employees and serve over 100,000 state workers
  • Developing a strategy for a leading global foundation on how to support cities in pursuing more data- and evidence-based strategies

Innovative social finance:

  • Developing an approach for a large global foundation to pursue strategic partnerships with the private sector to achieve its program objectives
  • Developing the financial inclusion strategy for a large global bank, enabling it to serve millions of the world’s poor who are excluded from formal financial services

Prior to joining McKinsey, Jonathan has worked at the United Nations, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, and the law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore. Jonathan obtained a JD from Columbia Law School and an AB in Social Studies from Harvard College.

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Past experience

Cravath, Swaine & Moore
Summer associate

New York City Economic Development Corporation
Project manager

United Nations
Associate program officer


Columbia University

Harvard College