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Dr. Pooja Kumar

Senior PartnerPhiladelphia

Serves health systems on operational transformations, growth strategies, and partnership strategies in markets experiencing payment reform; leads our work in academic health systems

A physician by training, Pooja serves health systems on large-scale performance transformations as well as on growth and partnership strategies. She has worked for public- and private-sector institutions and for not-for-profit and for-profit health systems. Pooja leads McKinsey’s work in academic health systems and leads the firm’s knowledge development on patient access and ambulatory operations.

Pooja has worked with several top-ranked academic health systems and medical schools on cost- and revenue-side performance transformations. She has also worked with health systems and medical groups across the country to improve patient access and medical-group performance. She has served several academic medical centers and community systems on partnership strategies. Pooja has written and spoken extensively on the topic of productivity in healthcare, including the practical changes required for the industry to become more productive.

Within our Social Sector practice, Pooja works with leading foundations and not-for-profit institutions to expand access to healthcare in low-income countries globally. She sits on the board of directors of Last Mile Health, a leading not for profit focused on expanding the community-health-worker model to the more than one billion people worldwide who lack access to healthcare because of distance. Prior to McKinsey, Pooja worked extensively in refugee health in Azerbaijan, East Timor, and India, and on the Congo-Zambia border.

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Past experience

Partners HealthCare
Resident physician

International Rescue Committee
Refugee health fellow


Harvard Medical School, Harvard University

Magdalen College, University of Oxford
MS, economics and social history

Duke University
BA, health policy