Lifting Europe’s Ambition

Europe is at an economic inflection point. European companies are under increasing competitive pressure from their counterparts in other regions, largely because they lag on technology in an increasingly technology-driven world. Europe needs to become smarter and more innovative—quickly and at scale. Lifting Europe’s Ambition is a publishing series that explores opportunities across sectors that can help raise competitiveness and growth, and enable Europe to maintain its leading global position on sustainability and inclusion.

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Danmark i morgen: Ti platforme for dansk velstand i en ny æra

– Ti vækstplatforme kan være med til at sikre dansk velstand i en ny æra
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Stepping up: Becoming a high-potential CEO candidate

– The road to becoming CEO is a difficult ascent for even the most seasoned leaders. Here are four keys to making the journey a... success.

Securing the competitiveness of the European chemical industry

– Companies can build on Europe’s intrinsic strengths and play offense in sustainability, while pursuing consolidation and... functional excellence.

News headlines to watch for in 2023

– What will lead the headlines in the year ahead? We asked influential journalists in Asia and Europe for their views on the stories... that will shape each region. From growth prospects to the net-zero transition and from geopolitical tensions to inflation, their perspectives shed light on the themes we will be seeing in the news.

Refurbishing Europe: Igniting opportunities in the built environment

– The built environment in Europe will need to transform to achieve the EU’s goals for net-zero emissions. This is challenging... but will unlock societal benefits and business opportunities.

Critical questions

How is Europe responding to climate change?

How are European organizations helping build diverse, equal, and inclusive environments for the benefit of all?

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Carbon-neutral Hungary

– Hungary’s path to net zero depends on the its ability to take action in seven economic sectors.

Beyond gender: Promoting diversity in French companies

– French companies want executives with diverse national origins and socioeconomic backgrounds. But they have had uneven success... in achieving this goal.

Entrepreneurship zeitgeist 2030

– Making start-ups Germany’s next economic powerhouse.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Why business building is the new priority for growth

– It can help companies diversify their revenues and keep pace with shifting customers and markets. But incumbents often lack the... skills they need.

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