The three things I love most about McKinsey

– Hi everyone, and thank you for visiting my blog! This is my very first post and I am so excited to start sharing snippets of my... McKinsey life with all of you. Let me be honest, I am a little biased here—I decided to join the McKinsey Women blog because I’ve been loving my McKinsey experience and I care deeply about women in the workplace.

More events with the Academy of Female Business Leaders

– Last time I wrote about the first two events I participated in for the Academy of Female Business Leaders. In this post I’ll... give you a look at the third and fourth events.

My first year as a BA

– Hello everyone! I'm so excited to start my blog and share my McKinsey experiences on this platform. For this first post, I'd... like to share my first-year BA experience and an inseparable part of it—the Chicago BA community.

My wedding update

– Well, my big news is that I got married a few weeks ago! We held our wedding on the beach in Florida, which was awesome.

Bringing a personal hobby to work

– I hope you are enjoying a lovely spring! Today I wanted to share my story of combining a personal hobby with work. Last year,... I took up running – it is a great way to challenge myself physically, and at the same time it is a very simple and mind-relaxing activity.

Working on a KIP for the Operations practice

– Wow, it has been a while – so much to catch up on! For this post I wanted to share a cool non-client project I worked on.

Working with the Academy of Female Business Leaders

– Hi everyone, and happy spring! We have had two amazing weeks of nice temperatures here in Poland, which makes such a big difference... in everyone’s demeanors—people smile more and are generally easier going.

Co-authoring a new article

– For today’s blog I wanted to share a new article that I co-authored, which is focused on the contract review process for... the procurement line.

Reflections on my trip to Antarctica

– I’m back from my Antarctic adventure and wanted to share some of my thoughts after this unique opportunity. For those of... you who are new readers, you can learn more about this trip in my last blog entry.

Working with McKinsey Academy

– Happy spring for those readers in the northern hemisphere! Today I want to share a peek into some work that I have been doing... with McKinsey Academy, which is our digital learning platform for clients.

My most fun project at McKinsey

– Hi everybody! It’s been a little while since my last update, and I am excited to tell you about a project that was my most... fun one (so far) at McKinsey.

TMT work and planning FDLA

– The spring has been off to a great start. I am in the midst of my second TMT (tech, media, and telecommunications) project at... the firm, which I am really enjoying.

Attending Client Leadership Workshop I

– As I write this, I’m in sunny California for a client workshop focused on capability building. This business trip was a... welcome one, and this morning’s run in Newport Beach was just what I needed after a long, cold Chicago winter!

Celebrating International Women's Day

– Hi everyone—Happy International Women's Day! There has been a lot of activity here leading up to this day.  Hopefully... you follow us on social media and will see all of our posts celebrating women. 

Gearing up for an Antarctic adventure

– From the day I joined McKinsey, leadership has been central to all my experiences here, whether it’s leading teams and clients... or daily project management or thought leadership.

An offsite in Cartagena

– Hi again! Now that I’ve introduced myself, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into the Spanish Latin America retreat.

Reflecting on my McKinsey experience

– Hi readers, Greetings from chilly Chicago! Right now we're recruiting our summer associates, and in my role as one of our Midwest... Women's Initiative leads...

Wrapping up my fellowship with MGI

– As I mentioned in my last blog post, I had the opportunity to spend most of 2017 on a rotation with the McKinsey Global Institute,... which is our firm’s “think tank” for business and economics research.

Four noteworthy year-end events

– Happy New Year! In my last post, I promised an update on some of the events and training programs I attended towards the end of... 2017.

Kicking off my new year in a great way

– I love year ends—they lead to new beginnings. The start of a fresh year brings infinite possibilities for each one of us.

A New Year's ski trip

– I hope that you had a nice winter break. It's hard to believe 2017 is over! It was a really special year for me, and one that... I both started and ended by skiing with friends from INSEAD.

Hello from Chile!

– Welcome to my blog! I look forward to sharing my life here in Latin America over the coming months. As a quick introduction,... I’m a “third year” business analyst in Santiago, Chile.

Happy holidays

– Hi everyone! As the year comes to a close, I feel grateful for everything 2017 brought with it—the energizing client engagements,... the new faces I met through the year, the events and communities I was part of—and it leaves me feeling content.

Personal news and my holiday plans

– As I mentioned in my last post, I have an exciting personal update: My boyfriend Brian and I are engaged to be married!

My experience on an evaluation committee

– In my... last post, I mentioned that I was invited to be a member of the year-end evaluation committee for our knowledge colleagues in the Operations practice, so I wanted to share a bit about that.

Hello from our London office

– Thank you for reading my blog! I'm excited to use this platform to share my experiences—and I hope to interest some of you... in joining McKinsey.

Organizing an offsite for our Warsaw BAs

– For the last several weeks, I had the pleasure of organizing our 2017 BA Retreat, an offsite program for our business analyst... (BA) cohort. I was responsible for the professional program, and I joined hands with my amazing colleagues...

Welcome to my blog

– Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! I've actually always wanted to have a blog, so I'm really excited to join my fellow women... colleagues on this platform and hope that you enjoy hearing about my life in Kyiv. For my first entry, I'll share a little more about myself.

A learning program in Bangkok

– A few weeks ago I attended "MI Advanced Coaching," a brand-new learning program for senior members (Implementation Leaders and... Senior Implementation Leaders) of McKinsey Implementation.

Celebrating Ethiopian New Year Part 2

– Hi everyone! I'm back with part two of my post about Ethiopian New Year. 

A project that checks all of my boxes

– I hope you're enjoying fall! I wanted to share a snapshot of my current engagement, which is checking a lot of boxes when I think... about what I'm seeking at my one-year mark at McKinsey: industry, leadership, and location.

Getting more involved in recruiting as an interviewer

– When I was studying at INSEAD last year, I had many discussions with my MBA classmates who were applying to McKinsey. 

A new responsibility in my new role

– Happy October, everyone! I've been back from a fantastic summer PTO in the Rocky Mountains for about two weeks now, and have been... quite busy catching up on all my clients, knowledge network efforts I'm driving with my teams, and getting ready for year-end evaluations.

Celebrating Ethiopian New Year

– Happy Ethiopian New Year! I am still the engagement manager on the tax transformation work we are doing in Ethiopia—six... months and counting. It’s been such a great opportunity to learn more about the country, its rich history and traditions.

Four events in one month

– Hi readers, these past few weeks have been chock full of McKinsey events for me!

Enjoying an extended break over the summer

– Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed summer and that fall is off to a great start. My summer was incredible, and you didn't read any... blog updates from me for a good reason.

My experience at Associate Partner Orientation

– Summer greetings, everyone! I've just returned from an amazing training and wanted to share a bit about it with you.

A quick end-of-summer update

– Hello readers! In my last update, I shared the news about my move to Chicago, which already seems like a long time ago.

Returning to McKinsey after completing my MBA

– Hello again! I last checked in after completing my first semester at INSEAD, and now I'm excited that share that I have graduated... and returned to McKinsey as an associate.

Rejoining McKinsey after four years away

– Hello everyone! I'm excited to be re-joining the team of McKinsey Women bloggers. I left the firm in June 2013 after a whirlwind... three years at McKinsey: a summer internship in 2009, two years as a business analyst in Minneapolis, and a third year in the Lagos office that changed my (McKinsey) life.

My first few months back at work

– Hi everyone! Somehow the summer has come and is almost gone! I cannot believe that it went so fast. You may have noticed I haven't... provided an update in a while, and I have a pretty good excuse for that: Chris and I welcomed our second son in December. He is awesome!

Updates on my L2 program and our McKinsey Women in Implementation group

– I hope you’ve all had a nice spring! It’s been a great last few months, and especially the past few weeks, as I’m excited to announce... that I’ve been promoted to Implementation Leader!

Focusing on reach and relevance in my new role

– It has been a very busy six months! In my last post, I mentioned that I’d been doing a good amount of Associate Partner-level... work, and I am really excited to share... 

Transferring to my third continent

– Greetings from my new home in Chicago! This is my biggest news in a while, so I’ll share some details about how this move... came about.

My rotation with the McKinsey Global Institute

– When I last wrote, I was a few days into a new fellowship with the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). It’s been an exciting... few months since then!

A leadership development project and travel on my terms

– I have a lot of updates since my last post! On the client front, I have been working with a local client on a very inspiring project.

My first six months in London

– In my last post, I shared my plans for my third year as a BA: a 12-month transfer to London to do six months of public and private... sector client work, and six months with the McKinsey Global Institute, our economic research branch.

The Polar Vortex and working in an OTB parlor

– Greetings from Washington, DC! It's been a whirlwind since I last wrote. I'm getting married in June to my fiancee Emily, who... just joined McKinsey! Plus, I've already wrapped up two client engagements, and am now starting my third of the year.

A big decision about my path at McKinsey

– I hope you’ve had a good few months. I have some big news on my front, which is that I have taken a new role at McKinsey.... I have to rewind a bit to tell you the full story.

Joining McKinsey full-time after a summer internship

– Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I’m excited to share my McKinsey experiences with you and hope I give you some insight... into what it’s like to change careers and become a consultant here.

My first semester at INSEAD

– Hello from INSEAD’s Singapore campus! I’m excited to share a couple of updates with you while I’m on educational... leave.

Returning to work and a trip to Disney

– Hey everyone, it has been a whirlwind since I returned from maternity leave in July. The kiddos are almost a year old, and I can't... even believe it. It has been a fun return to work, including bringing the twins with me!

Busy client work and Austin City Limits

– I’ve had a busy and exciting few months with client work. I had a couple of long-term situations as the “CD”... (content director) for teams.

A pro-bono project in Africa

– Hi everyone! Last time I wrote, I was getting ready for some travels to St. Petersburg and also to Italy. Upon returning from... Italy, I signed on to do a really cool project.

McKinsey Implementation Day and going L2

– Hi everyone. In my last post I shared my involvement in launching Women in McKinsey (WiMI) Implementation group. Since then, we’ve... had a few virtual sessions, and just a few weeks ago we had our first WiMI in-person event.

A mostly women team, a big move, and a gender diversity project

– Wow…so much has happened in 6 months—it’s hard to know where to begin!

Healthcare work, a pro-bono project, and my third year as a BA

– Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a lovely summer. I have a few interesting work (and life!) updates on my end.

Temporarily leaving McKinsey to earn my MBA

– Hi everyone! I wanted to write one more update before I depart for INSEAD to realize my dream of earning my MBA. I am so incredibly... excited for this next adventure.

Deciding how to spend my third year as a BA

– Hello again from Washington, DC! It’s been a great few months since my last post. In addition to exploring several new client... settings, I finalized my plans for my third year as a BA with the firm.

From a promotion to a vacation and everything in between

– Hi everyone. I’ll start off with my most exciting news: I was recently designated to the Associate Partner (AP) role! This... is the role immediately preceding the partner role, and it’s a big step forward.

Exploring opportunities in pharma and traveling the world

– I have had a super interesting couple of months. Last time I wrote, I was getting ready to take some time off after my project... in January.

Progress with my local program

– Writing this blog post is my last work item before I head off to meet my family for a long weekend. I just wrapped up a meeting... with a client with an interesting history, which I’ll get to in a moment.

An update from Next Generation Women Leaders

– I’m back with an update on our Next Generation Women Leaders event! After months of planning and promoting, we were thrilled... that thousands of talented women applied to attend the event.

A crazy few months topped off with awesome travel

– Hi everyone! It’s been a crazy few months for me. As you know, I switched from the traditional consultant role to a knowledge... expert role a while back. 

Launching a McKinsey Implementation women's group

– Hi everyone, I’m excited to share a few things with you today! As you know, I am part of McKinsey Implementation (MI), the group... that works on-site with clients to help them execute and sustain transformational changes.

Bermuda, mindfulness, and the small world of McKinsey

– Hello from sunny Bermuda! As I write this, I am wrapping up a week of vacation with my family and feel fortunate to have had this... time to rest and recharge a bit.

From the Midwest to the West Coast

– Right after my last post, I signed on for a second phase of my client engagement, which took me through the end of the year. Most... of the team changed for the second phase, but it was still a really fun group of people and we continued to lead and support our client through a new approach to certain activities.

Pursuing my passion for public sector healthcare work

– Hello readers! I'm so excited to be writing my first-ever blog post (well, first unless you count my tragic attempt at food blogging... a few years ago that ground to a halt when I realized I am useless at photography).

Innovation, our firm's global reach, and some pics of beautiful Sydney

– I hope that 2016 is off to a great start for you. Things with me have been busy but good. On the client front, I’ve been doing... quite a few interesting pieces of work recently.

Transitioning to an Associate Partner role

– Well, I heard plenty of people say it, but I can officially confirm that time seems to go faster when you have a kid! I can’t... believe it has already been nearly a year since my last blog post, when I had just returned to work from maternity leave.

Achieving my "triple crown" bucket list dream

– Travel is definitely one of the most discussed aspects of consulting life—I probably get the most questions about travel from... candidates, though I even get them from colleagues.

Welcoming our twins, Clara and Jack

– Last month, Emily and I became the parents of our twin children, Clara and Jack. We have always wanted children, and been trying... on and off for the past year.

Energy work and a trip to Davos

– Happy 2016! Things have been busy and exciting on my front and I wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

After Australia and Africa, a project at home

– In my first post I shared that I was staffed in Africa. I have to say it was really cool. I absolutely loved experiencing the... cultural differences between Africa and home.

Exploring entrepreneurial opportunities in Taiwan

– I hope you all had a good end to 2015. I wrapped up an engagement with a banking client and have been doing a lot of client development... since then, which has been interesting.

A trip to our southernmost continent

– Hi everyone, and happy new year! I’m starting this blog post with an update on an exciting trip I took over the holidays. I didn’t... use much of my vacation in 2014, so I enjoyed all of the days I rolled over into 2015 by taking some fantastic journeys, including spending Christmas in Germany with my family, followed by an amazing eight-day trip to Antarctica.

Next Generation Women Leaders

– I want to start by telling you about a really exciting project I’m working on: I am on the core organizing team for McKinsey’s... 2016 Next Generation Women Leaders (NGWL) event for women in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

The adventures of an Implementation Coach

– Hello everyone, and welcome to 2016—marking a new year of progress for McKinsey Implementation and women at the firm!

The email from a stranger that changed my life

– Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! I am a business analyst in our Santiago, Chile office.

An amazing week at the One Young World summit in Bangkok

– Hello all! I’m excited to start my blog by describing one of the more unbelievable experiences I’ve had at McKinsey: representing... the firm at a global leadership summit in Bangkok called One Young World.

Same clients, different functional area

– While I've spent most of my career in consumer goods, I usually work on revenue growth projects. I was intrigued by the possibility... of approaching the same clients from a different functional area.

A winding path to McKinsey

– Welcome to my blog—I’m looking forward to sharing a bit about my life at McKinsey. And I’m excited to be the first blogger from... our Australian office!

My first year at McKinsey

– Welcome to my blog! I joined McKinsey as a fellow in September 2014, immediately after completing my master’s degree in industrial... engineering and management in the Netherlands.

Moving to a knowledge expert role

– First, as of Jan 1 of this year, I transitioned from the Engagement Manager role to a knowledge expert role. You can learn more... about our knowledge network online, but in short, I now work (almost as a contractor) with various clients and client teams from all over the world, while also building our firm’s knowledge in procurement.

Transitioning to an Engagement Manager role

– As I sit down to write this post, I am realizing we are already in November—I can’t believe how time has flown since my last update... in January! I’m gearing up for the start of my favorite time of year … the holidays.

Joining McKinsey as an experienced hire

– Hi everyone! I look forward to sharing my adventures with you. A little about me: I studied finance in university—my program had... actually a partnership with CFA Institute. My first job after graduating was with a large brokerage house.

Moving from Australia to the US and joining McKinsey

– I'm excited to be joining my fellow colleagues as a blogger on this site. While I don't claim to possess any form of genius literary... skills, I hope that these little snippets can provide an honest, different, and hopefully entertaining perspective into my life at McKinsey.

Experimenting with a remote client service model

– As you may recall from my last post, I have switched to a program with (mostly) local clients. However, I recently experimented... with a remote client service model for a Shanghai-based client looking to explore opportunities in the consumer space, which fit quite well with my consumer background.

The Times Top 50 Places to Work for Women

– The last few weeks have been super busy and interesting, so I thought I'd blog about them as perhaps an extreme example of consulting... life.

A key to happiness: Looking forward

– Happy spring! I hope that these last few months have been good ones for you. I’ve had a few big changes since my last update.

Returning to work after maternity leave

– I can honestly say I am not the same person I was when I wrote my last blog entry. This is my first week back to work following... six months of maternity leave.

Making tradeoffs for a dream project

– I'm at a turning point in my McKinsey career. When I started at the firm, I was truly ambivalent—never indifferent—about becoming... a partner. My first year was pretty rocky, and the learning curve was steep.

Returning to McKinsey after two years at business school

– It’s been a while since I’ve written—over two years!—as I just returned to McKinsey after taking educational leave to pursue my... MBA.

A fast-paced project in Austria with a great team

– Well it's 6:30am on a Monday, and I'm in London's City Airport for my weekly commute to Austria for an eight-week strategy engagement.

Getting married to Emily

– Greetings from Hotlanta! The city does live up to its name; we've been regularly experiencing weather in the 90s, which is just... roasting to me. Here's what's happened in the past few months.

Contributing to a report that prompted a tweet from President Obama!

– A lot has happened since I last blogged. The report that I worked on during my secondment (a McKinsey-sponsored externship) launched... and was a great success, with about 1,500 news articles.

Making it work … my way

– If you've read my prior blog entries, you know that I'm the mother of two young children. Balancing work and parenthood is different... for everyone.

Learn, network, repeat

– It has certainly been a while since my last update! I'm at the Atlanta airport on my way home to San Francisco, and I'm sitting... here feeling both happy and sad.

Engaging in a formal -- but friendly -- internal competition

– I do not have a tattoo—not because I didn't go through periods of time when I wanted one, but because I could never decide on... the one thing I wanted on my body for the rest of my life.