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TMT work and planning FDLA

Our team dog checking out the snacks

– Hi everyone,

The spring has been off to a great start.  I am in the midst of my second TMT (tech, media, and telecommunications) project at the firm, which I am really enjoying. The team atmosphere is great and this experience has given me the opportunity to connect with a number of colleagues that share a similar interest in consumer media and tech. And as an added bonus, I even have a team room dog (who belongs to one of our clients, but makes lots of visits!).

I feel like I am building a great network at the firm, both through my client work and the “extra-curricular” activities I am involved in, such as recruiting. One of the recruiting projects I’m working on is our upcoming Freshman Diversity Leadership Academy (FDLA) event. This April we’ll host our second annual FDLA for talented Black, African American, Hispanic, and/or Latino college freshmen. We’ll convene in our learning center in Norwalk, CT for one and a half days, during which we’ll engage in numerous skill building activities to build their leadership, team problem-solving, and case preparation skills.  I’m really looking forward to spending time with these talented young people and will share an update afterwards.





Alex joined us after earning her MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and her BA from Tufts University, where she studied political science and art history. She is an associate in our Stamford, CT office and is interested in TMT (Technology, Media, & Telecom) work, particularly in marketing and sales. In her free time, Alex enjoys travelling, cooking, and running.