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Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! I've actually always wanted to have a blog, so I'm really excited to join my fellow women colleagues on this platform and hope that you enjoy hearing about my life in Kyiv. For my first entry, I'll share a little more about myself.

A learning program in Bangkok

– A few weeks ago I attended "MI Advanced Coaching," a brand-new learning program for senior members (Implementation Leaders and... Senior Implementation Leaders) of McKinsey Implementation.

Celebrating Ethiopian New Year Part 2

– Hi everyone! I'm back with part two of my post about Ethiopian New Year. 

A project that checks all of my boxes

– I hope you're enjoying fall! I wanted to share a snapshot of my current engagement, which is checking a lot of boxes when I think... about what I'm seeking at my one-year mark at McKinsey: industry, leadership, and location.

Getting more involved in recruiting as an interviewer

– When I was studying at INSEAD last year, I had many discussions with my MBA classmates who were applying to McKinsey. 

A new responsibility in my new role

– Happy October, everyone! I've been back from a fantastic summer PTO in the Rocky Mountains for about two weeks now, and have been... quite busy catching up on all my clients, knowledge network efforts I'm driving with my teams, and getting ready for year-end evaluations.

Celebrating Ethiopian New Year

– Happy Ethiopian New Year! I am still the engagement manager on the tax transformation work we are doing in Ethiopia—six... months and counting. It’s been such a great opportunity to learn more about the country, its rich history and traditions.

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