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Bringing a personal hobby to work

Excited before the run, with colleagues Serhii and Oleksii H.

– Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying a lovely spring! Today I wanted to share my story of combining a personal hobby with work.

Last year, I took up running – it is a great way to challenge myself physically, and at the same time it is a very simple and mind-relaxing activity.

Last spring I participated in running races for the first time. It enjoyed the atmosphere a lot – the cheer of thousands of people made me even more motivated. I was interested in continuing the tradition this year – but this time, I really wanted to participate in a team relay. Work friends to the rescue! I canvassed the Kyiv office for colleagues who also like running and would be interested in doing the run, and got six people to sign up with me. One person ran the entire half-marathon, and the rest of us split into two groups of three/four people and ran the race in relays.

Tired but happy after the run, with colleagues Serhii, Oleksii N., Anton, and Oleksii H.

We had so much fun running together, and the race felt like a mini teambuilding event for us. Each of us was accomplished a goal of their own, and together, we ran 65+kilometers total!

I’m excited to keep running, and we are already planning our next race together.

Until next time,


Senior Business Analyst


Kateryna joined our Kyiv office in 2016 after working for two years as a corporate finance consultant. At McKinsey, she works on exciting projects from public sector strategies to large plant operations optimization, in various industries ranging from metals and mining to media. Outside of work, Kateryna enjoys travelling, running, and theater-going. She earned her degree in international finance from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.