Co-authoring a new article

Hi everyone,

For today’s blog I wanted to share a new article that I co-authored, which is focused on the contract review process for the procurement line. We’ve reviewed hundreds and hundreds of contracts for our work, and we used specific data from all of those contract reviews to write this article.

My team and I worked with one of the firm’s editors to finalize the text, and a few weeks ago I met with a colleague who is the global head of external communications for our Operations practice. She helped us get the article ready for publication and think through what to do with it.

A selfie with Brian during our wedding food trial in Key Largo

It has been an interesting experience to see how much effort goes into publishing and distributing our external knowledge pieces. There are so many channels to consider, including the “Insights” section of our website, our intranet, our Operations practice intranet and external website, social media channels like LinkedIn, this blog, etc. In addition to digital media, we discussed sharing it with clients who could benefit from the knowledge and sending a press release to specific newspapers and journals that would be interested in the content (e.g. procurement and supply chain media). It’s a lot to think about!

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