Working with McKinsey Academy

Hi everyone,

Happy spring for those readers in the northern hemisphere! Today I want to share a peek into some work that I have been doing with McKinsey Academy, which is our digital learning platform for clients. As a senior knowledge expert, a big part of my role is bringing the firm’s knowledge to our clients, and McKinsey Academy will be a key part of that mission.

We’re working with McKinsey Academy to build out the first set of procurement-specific training modules, which will be a wonderful complement to the in-person client training programs we already run. Clients will be able to take self-paced digital modules to reinforce core concepts, engage in practice exercises, and participate in forum-type exchanges (a sort of “ask the expert” AMA).

Making pav bhaji with colleagues Marcelo, Khalyani, and Corinne at a Midwest Women's Initiative-sponsored cooking class

This experience has been really interesting because (once again) I am working with a new group of McKinsey colleagues and am amazed by their knowledge and expertise! In this case, we’re working with learning experts who are designing the courses, figuring out how to split up the modules, how long each module should take, what steps would be included in each one, etc. As you know if you’re a long-time reader, I have run dozens of in-person client learning programs, but transferring this knowledge to a digital platform requires a whole different approach. I’m thankful we have such capable colleagues to help us though this.

I’ll be in touch again soon with an update on an article I’m co-authoring.