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Attending Client Leadership Workshop I

My CLW cohort (l-r): me, coach Matt, colleagues Lisa, John, and David, and coach Brad

– Hi everyone,

As I write this, I’m in sunny California for a client workshop focused on capability building. This business trip was a welcome one, and this morning’s run in Newport Beach was just what I needed after a long, cold Chicago winter!

In today’s blog I wanted to share a little bit about a learning program I attended earlier this month. The program, called Client Leadership Workshop I (CLW), is for associate partners (and the equivalent, like me!) with about a year in their roles. The basic premise is “How can I become a more well-rounded client counselor?” The program coaches the attendees to step back from our own concerns and really focus on our clients, both as people with their own aspirations and as organizations we seek to improve in a very “big picture” sort of way.

CLW was an extremely intense but equally inspiring program, and I left it with a strong desire to become an even better consultant (and person). We had about 20 attendees and we were split into small groups of four or five people. Each group was paired with a very senior coach and a McKinsey senior partner who worked closely with us through each module (see photo of my cohort).

The way McKinsey invests in its people is so impressive, and this was really driven home yet again throughout my time at CLW. It was expected that all attendees clear their schedules so that we could spend three and a half days in programs with no other commitments or distractions. The time was so well-used and the learnings were really quite valuable for me. I know it can sound clichéd, but I left feeling inspired and with a clear vision of what I want to do differently to improve my performance and my client impact.

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