Shooting videos for a digital training module

Hi again,

In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about some work I’m doing with McKinsey Academy to create digital learning modules. Parts of these online modules will have videos of McKinsey experts explaining things, and I am one of those experts who will be featured in the videos.

We did the video shoots in Dallas a few weeks ago. There were three partners and two experts who did all of their video shoots in one day. This was a totally new and very cool experience for me. It was a professional set up with cameras, lighting, takes and re-takes…and I also had a real makeup artist and hair person taking care of me! It was really fun and not something I’d ever imagined I’d do at McKinsey.

Getting ready for another take

After the video shoots, I had a call with the Academy team to start working through the raw footage and figure out what we want to include in the final module. We’re also starting the animations for the video, so we reviewed the animation scripts and talked about the animation concepts. This whole project has been really interesting to work on, and I’m so excited to see it coming together.

Until next time,