Organizing an offsite for our Warsaw BAs

Hi everyone,

For the last several weeks, I had the pleasure of organizing our 2017 BA Retreat, an offsite program for our business analyst (BA) cohort. I was responsible for the professional program, and I joined hands with my amazing colleagues Magda, Zuzia, and Rafal to pull together a truly memorable experience for the BAs, focused on a “quality of life at the firm” theme. Each member of the organizing team brought a different talent and a lot of passion for McKinsey. Despite many other commitments, everyone dedicated a lot of time and energy to this project, and working together felt fun and energizing. The preparations reminded me that diverse teams are almost unstoppable. I love working with newer colleagues whose fresh ideas inspire me to push the limits.

For several years, the retreat has been an opportunity to spend quality time together. This year, the event reinforced our office’s commitment to developing people, fostering a trusting working culture, and supporting balanced lifestyles. Attendees engaged in small group discussions, which gave them the space to honestly share their professional ups and downs and gain constructive advice from facilitators and one another. Our breakout sessions were centered on our "quality of life" theme, including work/life balance, personal norms, change management, and support networks. Towards the end of the retreat, our office's managing partner gave an inspiring speech that opened my eyes to new ways to maximize my McKinsey experience.

The "dream team" in charge of the professional program (l-r): Magda, me, Rafal, and Zuzia

In addition to the professional program, we all enjoyed a wonderful social program that allowed the faculty members to spend time with our new hires and get to know them on a personal level. As follow-ups from the event, we're sharing the book "The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity” to give everyone food for thought and also reviewing a few policies to open new opportunities for eating healthily and getting more exercise. My experience with this event reminded me once again what an inspiring group of colleagues we have in the Warsaw office.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season!