Hello from Chile!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I look forward to sharing my life here in Latin America over the coming months. As a quick introduction, I’m a “third year” business analyst in Santiago, Chile. I spent my first two years in Lima and then decided to transfer here for the last year of my BA program. Once I finish my third year here, I’m planning to go to business school.

My current home city of Santiago, Chile

McKinsey BAs are given a wide range of choices for their third year, and I’m really excited to be working on our inclusion and diversity initiative, called ‘All In,’ in Spanish speaking Latin America. I’m also supporting our recruiting teams in reaching our women’s aspirations for 2018. I am very passionate about this subject, so I am glad that McKinsey provided me an opportunity to be a part of positive change in Latin America.

I’ve had a great experience over the past couple of years, and love working at McKinsey for three reasons:

1. It gives me the chance to dive deeply into different industries and functions, connect with clients, and have true impact by solving real problems;
2. McKinsey provides a unique opportunity to learn from the best people. I’m always surrounded by bright, curious colleagues, and I’ve connected with countless experts from all over the world; and
3. I’ve found a caring community built by leaders who want to see us succeed—people who take the time to understand our strengths and help us develop them—and this environment has helped me grow exponentially.

When I’m not working, I love travelling, experiencing nature, and learning about new communities. In 2017, I had two exciting trips: I went to Uganda to track gorillas in the jungle, and I also went on a trek to the Lost City in Colombia with an indigenous guide that taught us a lot about their culture and community.

I just returned from my holiday break, which I spent in Europe with my family and friends. I’m feeling fully energized and ready to dive into exciting projects. I’ll share another post in a couple of weeks and tell you about our recent Latin America retreat.

Happy new year!