Enjoying an extended break over the summer

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed summer and that fall is off to a great start. My summer was incredible, and you didn't read any blog updates from me for a good reason: I just returned from an extended period of time off work. It was an amazing two months filled with everything I love, including: hiking, camping, and road-tripping through National Parks (see my photo); spending some special downtime with my family in Australia; jamming on my saxophone at the McKinsey Music Festival in Austria; and a bit of leisurely, scenic travel around Europe. (If you love music and want a peek inside our annual Music Festival, check out our video here.)

I’m a big believer in the mental, physical, and professional benefits of taking meaningful amounts of time off, and am so appreciative of the firm’s flexibility and the encouragement I received to actually take a break like this. I returned to work refreshed, energized, and excited about what's next!

Have a great October,