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Enjoying an extended break over the summer

Camping atop the Death Canyon shelf (~8,000 ft), Grand Teton National Park

– Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed summer and that fall is off to a great start. My summer was incredible, and you didn't read any blog updates from me for a good reason: I just returned from an extended period of time off work. It was an amazing two months filled with everything I love, including: hiking, camping, and road-tripping through National Parks (see my photo); spending some special downtime with my family in Australia; jamming on my saxophone at the McKinsey Music Festival in Austria; and a bit of leisurely, scenic travel around Europe. (If you love music and want a peek inside our annual Music Festival, check out our video here.)

I’m a big believer in the mental, physical, and professional benefits of taking meaningful amounts of time off, and am so appreciative of the firm’s flexibility and the encouragement I received to actually take a break like this. I returned to work refreshed, energized, and excited about what's next!

Have a great October,

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Originally from Australia, Denise joined our Stamford office in the fall of 2014 as an experienced hire, and transferred to the Seattle office in the fall of 2016. She's served a wide range of clients in her consulting career and is now focused on food companies in the consumer, retail, and logistics industries. Denise holds degrees in commerce and economics from the University of Queensland. She has lots of personal interests, including cooking, restaurant-exploring, anything outdoors, playing the saxophone, keeping up with the latest on entrepreneurship and gender issues, and exploring her new home country with family and friends.