Returning to McKinsey after completing my MBA

Hello again! I last checked in after completing my first semester at INSEAD, and now I'm excited that share that I have graduated and returned to McKinsey as an associate.

Exploring nature in Lebanon

I graduated in France early July and then spent a month traveling with INSEAD friends. First, we departed to Switzerland to discover the secrets of excellent cheese, watches, and chocolate. We next ventured to Lebanon to enjoy stunning views and delightful cuisine. Romania was our next destination, where we not only hunted vampires in beautiful castles, but also enjoyed virgin forests and breathtaking mountains. Finally, I hosted a group of friends in Poland, including some trips to my favorite hidden gems. I hope you enjoy the photos from my travels.


In my last post, I wrote a little bit about the diverse student body at INSEAD. In my year at INSEAD, I learned how to work more effectively with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I think that these skills will make me a more empathetic consultant as I will be able to consider different perspectives. I also practiced managing conflicts and divergent priorities, which will be very helpful as I progress towards managing teams.

A trip to Poland isn't complete without a visit to Krakow

I always knew that I would return to McKinsey after completing my MBA, because to be honest, the firm had become my passion. I really feel that McKinsey offers a unique opportunity to drive meaningful impact for clients and societies, while constantly learning, pushing personal limits and working with fun, smart, and inspiring colleagues.

Exploring a coal mine in Poland

Now that I'm back, I'm looking forward to actively shaping transformations of financial institutions that face challenges posed by new technologies, customer needs, and regulations. I am also really excited about supporting our women's recruiting initiatives, including hosting an upcoming webinar for female candidates.

I'll check in again soon!