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My wedding update

Celebrating our wedding

– Hi everyone,

Well, my big news is that I got married a few weeks ago! We held our wedding on the beach in Florida, which was awesome.

Family and friends from all over the world flew in to spend a long weekend with us, and we just had the best time ever. We had a casual get together on Friday night of the weekend. Saturday night was our rehearsal dinner, followed by a fun German tradition in which the friends of the bride kidnap her and take her out to bars. The groom has to find her…and pay the bar tab. It took Brian a while to find me, which served everyone well since they were having a fun time. We also made sure to have our guests break dishes for good luck for us, which is a German wedding custom called “Polterabend.”

The wedding itself was held on Sunday in a private, quiet beach location. It was beautiful and I can’t believe it’s already over. After the wedding, I got a dose of reality with a delayed flight back to Chicago and a busy work week! I just started off a big transformation for a large retailer. I’m co-leading the change management team, and we’re working on staffing up the team now.

Next time I’ll share a cool experience I had for my work with McKinsey Academy.


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Britta obtained her PhD in economics from Georg-August-University Göttingen after studying business administration and economics in Magdeburg and Sydney. She originally joined our Frankfurt office as an associate and has since transferred to San Francisco and then her current home office of Chicago. As a senior knowledge expert, Britta works with clients and client teams serving consumer and retail goods companies throughout the world while contributing to our overall knowledge in the procurement space. When not working, Britta loves to travel and recently accomplished her goal of visiting every continent on earth.