Getting more involved in recruiting as an interviewer

Hi everyone,

When I was studying at INSEAD last year, I had many discussions with my MBA classmates who were applying to McKinsey. These conversations made me aware of the fact that most candidates’ excitement about joining McKinsey is strongly influenced by their recruiting experience. Their interviewers can be very influential, and the interview experiences in general are viewed as windows to our McKinsey world.

Since I am passionate about bringing more talent to our region, I was particularly excited to get more involved in recruiting when I re-joined the firm. At the end of September, I attended our interviewer training program, which was eye-opening, exciting, and motivating. It was a lot of fun polishing my interviewing skills with diverse colleagues from newer McKinsey practices such as McKinsey Digital Labs and our Advanced Analytics Practice.

I was incredibly impressed with how much effort our firm invests in constantly improving and innovating all aspects of our recruiting approach.  I am really looking forward to my first official interviews and hope that I am able to draw out the best from my candidates and contribute to bringing the next generation of talent to McKinsey.