Our People

Bruno Batista
Partner, São Paulo
Leads McKinsey’s Risk & Resilience Practice in Latin America with deep expertise in financial services and risk-management topics...
Andreas Bohn
Partner, Frankfurt
Brings deep expertise in treasury management, risk management, and capital markets for banking clients
Kevin Buehler
Senior Partner, New York
Helps senior executives at leading financial institutions solve their most challenging strategic, risk, and analytical problems
Paula Castilho
Partner, São Paulo
Supports financial institutions and other businesses on digital and agile transformations and other operational and strategic...
Maurizio Donato
Senior Partner, Milan
Advises European banks on credit risk, corporate strategy, and postmerger management
Elias Goraieb
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Advises leading Latin American financial institutions on challenges related to strategy, data and advanced analytics, and enterprise...
Justin Greis
Partner, Chicago
Designs, builds, and activates secure and trusted digital transformations to help organizations accelerate their mission and protect...
Holger Harreis
Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps organizations implement transformation rapidly, with groundbreaking levels of adoption and impact
Hans Helbekkmo
Partner, Bay Area
Offers deep insights into risk management with a strong focus on enterprise risk frameworks, stress testing programs, and regulatory...
Sanjay Kalavar
Senior Partner, Houston
Helps energy investors and operators evaluate assets, improve operations, manage risks, and exit
Piotr Kaminski
Senior Partner, New York
Co-leader of our global Operational Risk, Compliance, and Controls Practice, Piotr helps financial services clients transform...
Efi Koulouridi
Partner, Athens
Supports financial institutions globally on issues including strategy, operations, risk, and large-scale transformations
Ida Kristensen
Senior Partner, New York
Coleads the Risk & Resilience Practice; advises leading financial institutions on cybersecurity, strategies for risk management,...
Alok Kshirsagar
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Advises companies across a broad range of industries on globalization issues, performance improvements, and sustaining large-scale...
Cindy Levy
Senior Partner, London
Helps global financial firms on multiyear agendas related to strategy, transactions, organization, and risk governance and culture
Angela Luget
Partner, London
Leads high impact transformations in risk and sustainability, enabled by data and analytics
María del Mar Martínez
Senior Partner, Madrid
Co-leads McKinsey’s Risk & Resilience Practice and advises financial institutions on growth strategies and organization, innovation,...
Daniel Mikkelsen
Senior Partner, London
Senior partner in our Financial Services, McKinsey Sustainability, and Risk & Resilience Practices; heads McKinsey Sustainability’s...
Adrian Murphy
Partner, New York
Advises senior executives on risk, compliance, analytics, strategy, and business transformation, with deep expertise in financial-crime...
Mihir Mysore
Partner, Houston
An experienced crisis practitioner working across sectors and regions; helps leaders of large organizations resolve and prevent...
Dr. Mazen Ramsay Najjar
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Kuwait
Leads our Kuwait office as well as the Risk & Resilience Practice in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, is a member...
Luis Nario
Partner, Santiago
Helps banks and other financial institutions regarding credit-risk topics
Luca Pancaldi
Senior Partner, Milan
Brings deep expertise in strategy, risk management, and commercial transformation to financial institutions around the world
Theo Pepanides
Partner, Athens
Helps financial institutions, public-sector entities, and telecommunications operators improve efficiency and effectiveness and...
Aleksander Petrov
Senior Partner, London
Leads our work in risk advanced analytics in Europe, bringing deep expertise to financial services institutions and corporate...
Marco Piccitto
McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, Milan
Leads research and advises leading European financial and industrial institutions on a broad range of risk-management, business...
Thomas Poppensieker
Senior Partner, Munich
As a leader in our global Risk & Resilience Practice, advises top financial institutions and corporations across Europe on a wide...
Ishanaa Rambachan
Partner, Bay Area
Helps financial-services institutions across North America improve their organizational health and performance
Kayvaun Rowshankish
Senior Partner, New York
Serves as a global coleader of our data transformation work, helping institutions and top executives transform industries and...
Hamid Samandari
Senior Partner, New York
Cofounder and senior leader of the global Risk & Resilience Practice and Chair of the firm’s Knowledge Council, who leads our...
Alexandre Sawaya
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Leads the Financial Institutions and Risk & Resilience Practices in Latin America
Uwe Stegemann
Senior Partner, Cologne
Supports financial and industrial institutions around the world on all aspects of compliance and enterprise risk management
Olivia White
McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, Bay Area
Leads research on global economic, business, and tech trends and brings deep expertise in strategy, risk management, and operational...
Dee Yang
Partner, New York
Advises large institutions across the public, private, and social sector on managing risk, rethinking strategy, and optimizing...