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Thomas Poppensieker

Senior PartnerMunich

As a leader in our global Risk & Resilience Practice, advises top financial institutions and corporations across Europe on a wide array of risk, regulation, and compliance issues

Since joining McKinsey, Thomas has served financial institutions and corporations across Europe. He leads our Risk & Resilience Practice in Germany and co-chairs the global knowledge committee overseeing our core risk work. His areas of expertise include regulation and compliance, enterprise risk management, credit risk management, treasury and market risk management, and workout and restructuring.

Thomas recently spent two years leading a global “three lines of defense” risk-strategy program for a major German bank. He formerly served as a member of the European Commission’s Group of Experts on Banking Issues and is a member of the executive committee of the Frankfurt Institute of Risk Management and Regulation.

Within McKinsey, Thomas has led the design and execution of a number of banking-risk surveys on issues such as credit portfolio management and asset liability management. He has written books on strategic risk management in German banks and credit-portfolio control, as well as a number of articles on risk topics.

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University of Cologne
PhD, finance

University of Bayreuth