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Mobile World Congress 2019

Barcelona, February 25 to 28, 2019

Laying the foundation for a digital future

Mobile operators play a pivotal role in helping companies and cities realize their digital ambitions and to meet ever-growing demands for mobile data. Yet to make the necessary investments in new infrastructure without destroying investor value, leaders must rethink their approach to policy, partnerships, and many fundamental aspects of their operations.

Featured Insights


Cutting through the 5G hype: Survey shows telcos’ nuanced views

– Operators see a marginally positive business case, expect rollout at scale to take until 2022, and don’t think the increase in capital-expense-to-sales ratio will be as big as skeptics claim.

A new path for telco customer engagement

– Next-generation marketing and sales techniques offer incumbents real opportunity to thrive in a challenging landscape.

A tale of two agile paths: How a pair of operators set up their organizational transformations

– Different approaches illustrate the company and market conditions that guide the structure of teams around work, and the rapid... benefits that follow.

The building blocks telcos need to create their digital-and-analytics DNA

– Telcos need to rewire themselves to work in agile ways and make data-driven decisions to keep up with customers’ increasing... demands for simple digital experiences, among other challenges.

Reinventing telco networks: Five elements of a successful transformation

– For telcos to keep and grow market share, the network division needs a makeover that lets it shed its cost-center past to become... a leading function that influences the digital and analytics metamorphosis of the core.

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