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Technology Infrastructure

Attaining growth amid unprecedented disruption
The pace of disruption in enterprise IT is rapid and poised to accelerate, touching nearly every area of the sector, from servers and security to storage and software development. Similarly, the needs of enterprise customers are changing quickly as the shift to the public cloud fuels the adoption of other new technologies and drives internal innovation.
These widespread changes require technology infrastructure providers to reinvent themselves to win in the cloud era. We help companies respond to this widescale disruption, adapt to the value shifts from hardware to software, build new capabilities, and transform portfolios to generate new sources of growth.

What we do

Business-model transition

Enterprise-wide transformation for the software and subscription era

Product management and development

Modernize product-development organizations

Go-to-market transformation

Optimize sales model, sales-team effectiveness, and partner ecosystem

Customer success and experience

Reinvent sales and services for subscription businesses

Pricing excellence

Improve pricing, discount management, and offering design

Channel modernization

Design and build channel capabilities for the subscription era

Impact story

Strengthening the product-manager workforce

We helped a high-tech company elevate the skills and impact of its 300-person product organization through a three-month capability-building program that encompassed learning forums, online modules, executive coaching, and on-the-job learning.


of the top 10 enterprise-hardware manufacturers


subscription transformations


customer-success projects

Featured capabilities

Software Product Management & Development

We offer proprietary frameworks, benchmarks and talent development programs to help clients build best-in-class software product and development organizations.

Journey Analytics

Journey Analytics identifies opportunities for companies to improve the end-to-end customer journey substantially.

Featured insights


Cloud-migration opportunity: Business value grows, but missteps abound

– Companies aim to embrace the cloud more fully, but many are already failing to reap the sizable rewards. Outperformers have shown what it takes to overcome the costly hurdles.

Transforming infrastructure operations for a hybrid-cloud world

– Despite the rapid growth of public-cloud adoption, internal-infrastructure teams are well positioned to add unique value. But... they’ll need to change their approach and evolve their service.

Coronavirus and technology supply chains: How to restart and rebuild

– As COVID-19-related restrictions begin to lift in Asia, how can organizations resolve supply-chain issues at pace?
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

A game plan for quantum computing

– Thanks to technology advances, some companies may reap real gains from quantum computing within five years. What should you do... to prepare for this next big wave in computers?

New demand, new markets: What edge computing means for hardware companies

– With over 100 edge use cases identified, the fast-growing need to power connected devices demands a custom response from vendors.

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