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Lareina Yee

Senior Partner, Bay Area

A leader in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice and advises companies on strategy and operations to achieve above-market growth


Lareina is a senior partner and helps lead McKinsey’s work with technology disruptors. An expert on digital sales transformations, sales excellence, go-to-market strategies, and culture change, Lareina brings 20 years of experience to companies across the value chain. She previously served as McKinsey’s first chief diversity and inclusion officer.

Lareina cofounded Women in the Workplace, a research partnership with and The Wall Street Journal, and has coauthored a significant body of research, including “Delivering through diversity,” and the “The future of women at work: transitions in the age of automation.” Lareina frequently speaks about women in business, including, most recently, Aspen Ideas Festival, Women Deliver, and a joint collaboration between McKinsey and The Wall Street Journal on a report titled, “Women in the workplace.” She writes and speaks widely on diversity and inclusion topics including appearances in Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, CBS News, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and many other outlets. Additionally, Lareina was chosen Working Mother of the Year in 2016 by Working Mother magazine.

Outside of McKinsey, Lareina is on the board of Safe & Sound, a not for profit focused on child-abuse prevention.

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Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs
MA, economic policy

Columbia University (Barnard)
BA, history and political science