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Martin Harrysson

Partner, Silicon Valley
Draws on expertise in software development and digital strategy to help high-tech and industrial companies innovate the customer experience and develop new products

About Martin

Martin helps high-tech clients and large industrial and retail companies put in place digitally enabled business models and improve product development. With his support, companies that were born digital and those still making the transition seize opportunities and execute decisively in rapidly changing markets.

Recognizing that digital technology is fundamentally changing how companies operate, interact with customers, and develop products and services, Martin has helped clients discover new business opportunities. He has partnered closely with executives to mine customer insights from social and digital platforms, improve software development, get more out of technology investments, and design innovative customer engagement. All of these efforts have led to greater operational efficiencies and stronger revenue growth.

Examples of his work:
  • designing a new operating model and growth strategy for the digital-commerce business unit of a major high-tech company
  • working with a leading high-tech company to develop a new digital sales division to target emerging customer segments and drive revenue growth in software and cloud computing
  • designing a product-development capability-building program for a Silicon Valley software and services company
  • developing a digital sales concept for a multinational advanced industrial company pursuing a new omnichannel strategy
  • helping a B2B infrastructure-technology company reinvent the customer experience through innovative design that enhanced customer engagement via interactive digital channels

In addition to his hands-on advisory experience, Martin closely tracks developments in digital technologies with an eye to deriving practical insights for business leaders. His many publications seek to identify the business implications of digital and social media for C-suite executives.

Before joining McKinsey, Martin studied computer science and engineering at MIT, including internship opportunities at a global technology company and a technology-focused professional-services firm. He also served in the Swedish Armed Forces, where he was honored as Soldier of the Year.

Published work

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS, computer science and engineering